Wednesday, August 26, 2009

how could i forget the GUNDAM we visited?!?!

... and the cat cafe hehehe.
bursts of excitement sandwiched between relaxed chilling time has made the past several days quite enjoyable.

to name a few: comiket, blast from the past movies, tasty meals, nature escapes, river beers, fireworks on the beach, silent sustained reading, martial arts practice, darts and so on.

we still have yet to plow through our annual summer boot camp thing that's coming up this very weekend. it's getting to the point where i've forgotten what it feels like to have a normal work schedule - like actually teaching kids and stuff lol.

anyway, instead of recapping all the things i've gone and done, i'll just splat on some pictures lol.

@ House of Crazy

@ Irago

@ Comiket 76

Thursday, August 6, 2009

yay starlight medal I

i went and i got a cobra unit harness too cause it's so pretty on mithra~ (plus the +11 acc too and all) oh and we get a nice decoration on our tail~ how sweet is that? lol.

went and wrote new macros for it just now.

feels so refreshing to have new body armor~ it's a shame warrior cant wear it, tho. would have liked to ride that body out for both jobs kekeke.

i think this piece is armor is the best looking think i own! it's even better with the gemini subligar~

but the tail decoration is to die for =D

Sunday, August 2, 2009

another post from school cause im trying to kill time/ trying to look busy~

so the countdown to comiket continues! just a few days away now~ im pretty excited. but im not so excited to wallow in the sea of humanity... planning on what to wear for foowear because medusa needs to wear flip flops, but i dont wanna get stomped on by the masses. and i dont want to bring an extra set of footwear on the trip... bleh i guess we'll see. if anything i'll be medusa in black and white Vans haha. i dont want people taking like... close-up pictures of my sweaty feet ugh...

all the younger teachers are here at school trying to look dedicated - trying to get in their brownie points or something. and all the older teachers are here cause theyre bored outta their minds - or they feel weird if they dont come to school cause it kinda breaks their routine. im here cause... my body needs to be here in order for it to count as a non-vacation-leave day.

last night allen and i watched the first Karate Kid movie and ohhhhhhh man is that movie full of the best lines and scenes ever. i think we'll watch #2 tonight kekeke. it feels so... incredible watching these kinds of things. cause we're like... americans in japan, cept after several decades. lots of /palmface material.

i doodled something a few minutes ago and was so disgusted at the output /sad. my inspiration was basically long wavy hair, but it was a total failure /weep. i guess i'll try again tomorrow.

i dont think i have much else to report. we went to a BBQ yesterday for some leavers. we brought some mini bananas and threw them on the grill like rebels haha. the venue was this really nice park that i had never been to before in my years here. it had this water palace theme going on and it was huge. all kinds of fountains and buildings, bridges, gates, etc. everywhere. lots of old people walking. lots of little kids splashing in the water structures. we stuck our feet in for a good while. we also saw this uncle/ dad figure roll in on his scooter, and slapped this 5 year old boy in the face while yelling something at him and an older sister (looked 8 or so). then the older male scooted away deflecting the stares our party and other on-lookers were giving him. then the 2 young kids picked up their bikes and rode away all slow and sad and stuff after the man. it was a weird sight to see. way to mess up the chill atmosphere. the kids must have forgotten to come home on time, so the dad/uncle came to get them... he didnt have to hit them though, gosh. i mean if the kids really had done something bad he should have hit em at home or something. no one wants to see child abuse on a sunday afternoon BBQ, or ever.

i think i'm gonna slip out now >_>

come home, eat our spaghetti and homemade garlic bread leftovers, watch the second Karate Kid movie, maybe wander around town, think of what we wanna make for dinner... haha. you know it's real vacation when you structure your day around meals haha.

for some reason this browser isnt doing the spell check thing... oh wait i think thats a firefox thing? anyway, forgive all the typos.