Thursday, February 28, 2008

tomorrow is graduation at one of my schools. i made a buttload of flowers from hershey's kisses today so i can give to my 3rd years.


i remember a girl that went to our school, a Ms. C. Saechao, made them for 8th grade graduation and i thought i idea was really clever and awesome. so this is not my original idea. anyway they dont look too shabby either if i do say so myself hoho.

what i hear from my teacher buddies is that jp hs graduation isnt anything like american hs graduation and i believe them lol. i heard a story that during teacher X's graduation some dude had smuggled into the ceremony a perverted-looking horse mask and whipped it out during the post-speech outdoor reception thing haha. teacher X said the teachers were really really mad at the kid too. then teacher X and others started talking about how strict and serious the whole event is hehe.

i'm suddenly reminded of my own high school and the random shenanigans that occurred during graduation ... we got spirit!!

ive been cranking out more artwork recently, but it's only because it's great for eating up a lot of time. i think ive mentioned earlier? but my section of the test isnt until monday so ive had nothing to grade or look at for this entire week. now and then i'll peek over my teacher buddies' shoulders to see if they'll give me stuff to grade but once they put on the headphones/ earbuds theyre off in another world haha. so i can only hook them right before they sit down with their stack of papers. can't wait til monday - i'll do a real eccentric performance over the PA system huhu~

and i just realized that i never post any pictures haha. from today forward i'll try to be more picture-tastic then.

Friday, February 22, 2008

all the songs on music station today were really good... except for that one boy band number News- Taiyou No Namida even though it's from kurosagi... their singing still bites.

today one of my third years asked me, "hey do you know katsu ire" i was like, "zomg katsu ire no koto? hell yeah i do!" and he was like, "whoaaaa~ i asked like all the teachers here and know one knew, how do you know?" i was like fufufufufu~ i only told him about the foot one though. i was going to tell him about friday's book but he had to go.

man, this commercial suddenly reminded me of bartender the anime. suntory whiskey right - so tokyo daughter calls dad and is like, "hey is there anything you want for your birthday?" and dad is all, "i dont need random stuffs like that." then daughter is all, "..." then the next scene daughter arrives at dads house in person with a gift set of glasses + alcohol and then they drink it... and dad is all pleased and stuff like it was the best thing he's gotten for a bday ever. man, i really am in japan arent i?

OMG yay! whisper of the heart is on TV now =D


aha~ a scene just reminded me of something i saw this morning on the way to school.

some random youths were riding double (bicycle) down the street and the dude on the back did this cool /push push push /hop on and go thing that looked pretty slick. i wanna do that haha.

and the movie L does manga L no justice i swear.

boo. these guys are totally knockin durian like it's the worst thing theyve eaten ever... im so offended. haha

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

it's getting warmer! but hopefully this just isnt a fluke.

all kiddies everywhere are heading into their final examination time for the academic year. oh, and according to my teacher buddy, the way im going to do the listening part for my kiddies at one particular school, is over PA. live performance! man, i'm gonna be outta control lol. i'll show no mercy either because everyone decided that itd be best to give them a paper copy of my script beforehand. show no mercy!

so someone in the neighborhood just got a new puppy or something because it's been barking like no tomorrow for the past 3 days or so. i bet it's a super cute shiba inu too~ it sure sounds like one haha.

oh and about the whole getting warmer deal, i dont know if this has anything to do with it, but i got 2 new bug bites today... and i hadnt gotten any bites at all in japan for a long time... if they're back i'm going to be sad.

oh i think i should vacuum before it gets too late.

yay for apt being in a state of super clean.

yay for insanely awesome apples. i still cant get over how unreal the fruit is here... if only the same kind of fruit could be produced at a californian price...

i wonder how spring in full swing will be like here... i guess i dont have to wait too long to find out~

Monday, February 18, 2008

so ffxi-wise i had a super productive weekend.

got war from 25 to 37

got drg from 22 to 26

succeeded at a promvyHolla and enm to match

oh, and my baby choco hatched! it's a girl and i named her carminRose hoho.

i had these frozen chicken finger things for dinner tonight - they were on sale - and to my surprise they happened to be infused with fish cake too - man that's so jp lol. very tasty - i'm sure they would have been awesome to put in ramen or udon or something.

this week is the week before exam week so im not exactly sure what i should be doing with the kiddies. the feeling i get from the veterans is that we either do pure entertainment, or... not haha.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

so there's been this cat mewing up a storm outside our apt complex for the past few days. i reckon the poor thing has been freezing in this cold weather we've been having recently. why, today it started to snow after 1st period was over and i was like, "zomg!" while all the kiddies were staring at me laughing lol.

i experienced jp valentine's day for the first time today! american valentine's day blows jp valentine's day outta the water. the whole girls only give guys chocolate thing is ridiculous. there needs to be a revolution i swear haha. and they need to think more like birthday gifts - like giving games, accessories, clothes, flowers, etc. instead of just chocolate. and kids need to get those set of 30 valentines in a box thing to give their classmates. that way they can buy 2 boxes (40 kids in a class) and have the rest go to your family members and teachers and non classmates and senpai or something.

anyway, i gave out chocolates to my kiddies today! the activity i had them do was compliment or confess your love to inanimate object imagining it was your special person lol. then after they confessed/ complimented the object, they could get a chocolate hoho. it went pretty well. it juiced them real good to hear their classmates say really sappy stuff. or even when this dude said, "i think you are so cute" this cluster of girls on the other side of the class started squealing/ giggling like crazy and it was grand.

i gave chocolate to my teacher buddies too~ and i got a load of chocolate from them as well. if only we had made those paper letter box things! man, that would have been tight.

so i polled my kiddies to see where the interest in a prom was at this school and the majority is "hex yea~" i want to help bring them a prom so bad.

and i think i'll do some rare holiday-themed artwork now haha.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

i hit /flee when i saw that there was less than a minute until the airship would leave and when i made it barely on board i was like, "wow, i can actually relate this feeling with RL - running to make the train! because if you run it actually does make a difference! it's like a good 7-25 minute difference too depending on the train. anyway, good thing i decided to change back to thf outta blm hohoho.

oh and i started to raise a new chocobo ^^ if things work out the way i want, it should be a cute, strong red choco =D then i wont have to ride IcyHot anymore - he's so slow~ but i love him anyway! it's been a good solid year since ive had a bird in the stables... im... so excited haha. cant wait to see it shake its tail feathers at me. i just know im going to want to buy that choco baby plushie at animate even though it really looks like a real life young baby bird, all fetus-looking and everything haha. i do believe i have described this plushie before?

speaking of plushies, feb 22nd is coming up and that means a chance to get me a squishy moyashimonnnnnnnn~

Saturday, February 9, 2008

it snowed today and boy was it awesome.

my first experience of the sort - i guess i noticed it around the time i had to head out to practice, around 1645 and on the 30 min bus ride to the practice site (driver had to drive slow today) i got to look outside at a snow-covered town! all the buildings seemed to look better laced in white too - maybe im romanticizing it or something, but even the MOS Burger looked all magical covered in snow. the walk to the practice site was crazy painful on feet. the distance was only about from de neve to ackerman, but the slush on the ground got my toes wet and... i guess you can imagine how it feels to walk on top of snow cones haha.

and i really did want a snow cone looking at all the snow.

snow, snow, snow!

with that, i think ill spend all weekend indoors gaming lol

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

LOTTE rich fruit chocolate - apple: approved!


i want the plushie so bad ;_;

2/22 i have to totally camp it because it's going to totally sell out i just know ;_; im going to come from my far school too which means no 400pm rush out the door to try and beat the kiddies... cant beat the housewives though. or the NEETs... lol what am i saying. i just really want the plushie ;_; then i can flail it all around and watch its appendages sway to and fro all cute-like.

i had something amusing to report but i dont remember quite what...

english club was cool today. we played mafia! and after several trials with different classes and kids ive come to the conclusion that this game should only be played in english club. class of 20 was alright, but they all really needed to pipe down. class of 40 was a total flop - no one actively participating in the voting round. english club was good because the kids felt comfortable pointing at each other and accusing each other and stuff. it was great.

but not as great at this fuji apple white chocolate.

Monday, February 4, 2008

oh my goodness.

i just came the the shocking realization that AX is only 6 months away... even though there is only a 1% chance i will go haha. see, when theres lecture to go to and grades to cook, the thing that keeps you going is the countdown until your anime con. man, i used to count them by the month or week, but it's actually been a meaty half year since i've thought about a convention - namely AX. id camp cosplay sites, plan costumes in my head, read up on the ongoing conventions happening in the rest of the US, and it used to seem to take forever until the fourth of july weekend to come up.

oh~ this feeling inside~ it's a feeling of almost emptiness. usually i'm all juiced over my and thanhs costume for the summer and when i feel like taking breaks from studying i'll work on them a bit, but... i have nothing here ._. (yet)

jp cons just dont have the same level of liberal insanity we get back at home... but mark my words, when i finally come back, i'm going to otakon first =D

i think i really would have gone about making tales of phantasia arche =D

man, feels so reminiscent to browse through cosplay stuffs again~