Wednesday, September 1, 2010

back in the bay. finally.

like i've mentioned before, i'll be switching to livejournal now that i'm back and getting on with american life again.

it was good, blogger. thanks for the memories.

if you're interested, come to

Thursday, July 29, 2010

tomorrow begins summer adventuring starting off with okinawa! tried to get as swimsuit-ready as possible... i think for the most part i was successful at least by american standards lol dont think i can ever be the japanese standard of swimsuit material haha

anyway, as i've announced on facebook, my landlady told me that i no longer have to remove everything from my apartment anymore because i have a successor! yeah!!

english club after a successful day of filming =D

and...i'm off!


Monday, July 26, 2010

about to migrate from current apt to the building's vagabond apt. will be without internet soon.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

party, party, party

moving, boxes, garbage bags

cosplay workshop running in the background

katara is looking pretty good for being so rushed and ill-conceived @ 80% completion. best part is, i'm cosplay ready with all my flubbb gone =D

english clubs are trudging along quite slowly lol we're doing voice recording today -_-!

my student got scooped up nice and good by her hosts~ day one for her begins... 10 hours ago hehe

so glad to have stopped wearing makeup! yes! i also stopped sleeping with mosquito poison on (got bit a few times as a trade-off) but the combined result is that my facial skin condition is getting loads better!

brother moved shiina to windy so i can actually use her now - thank goodness. sad i have like no time to get 3 merits, much less grind up to lvl 80 though

justin's church people graciously took away couch, armchair, several shelves, a folding table and clothing rack, so in terms of furniture, all i have left are 3 cheap plastic + particleboard cabinets and the kotatsu (using that to finish sewing)

kind of kicking myself because i've sleeping in on every garbage day cause ive gotten totally wasted in some sayonara party or another the night before lol. next monday and thursday will be massive dump days haha.

it's been SO HOT these past few days. to think that we'll be flying into okinawa (way more hot) and then hong kong (even hotter than okinawa) just boggles my mind.

ok time to go to the recording session lol

Friday, July 16, 2010

last configuration of fun stuff on my desk

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

adult acne, please stop it already.

if anyone knows of any japanese acne deities, tell me so i can visit the shrine and dump buckets of money into it.

Monday, July 12, 2010

This is where I went this weekend. (Located in Tachikawa, around Tokyo).

lots of good stuff was seen and experienced, but it felt kind of wrong to take pictures of most of the statues and icons and stuff within the building, so i took some pictures of things we were allowed to take outside, so here we have a handsome looking lotus!

monk mascot endures true suffering LOL.

anyway, i bought a book, some tasty tomato basil bread and was happy to have been driven there and home all for 1600yen


totally unrelated - an awesome custard bready thing i got at the Fujikawa highwasy rest area! (it's supposed to be Mount Fuji...)

in terms of work, i have 2 speeches down, and 2 to go! said goodbye to almost all guys tech school folks today (which was my last day of teaching there). i pretended that i was just leaving for the week as usual and it was all gravy. no random conversations from random teachers talking to me for the sake of talking just because i was leaving - which i was grateful for lol. my usual homedawgs spoke to me like normal and it was all good. overall a nice way to finish things off despite the cruddy rainy season weather - pictionary excitement with freshman kiddies! in any case, there's going to be a party later in august where i'll get to see that school's teachers anyway so pft lol.

i wanted pizza all last week, all last weekend, and like... now. not sure if it's a good idea to actually go out and get some as i've been trying to stay away from fattening foods and activities lol. we'll see what happens when i go to the market now...

but before i go, upcoming events = toy story 3 on wednesday! and i'm going to my city's fireworks festival on friday, yukata-clad with otaku crew (who will also be in JP ethnic garb, so it'll be a sweet photo frenzy for me fufufu). been practicing wrapping myself in the darned thing for the past several days, so i should be able to do it in a culturally acceptable way come this weekend.

last thing - team male of otaku crew will be climbing fuji this weekend via the gotemba route. may God have mercy on their souls... [but hey, they booked a spot in one of the huts and actually plan to sleep! so i think they're going to have a significantly (i wont say 'easier') more-prepared experience than we did omg...]

Sunday, July 4, 2010

man each day is such a battle lol

worst part: can't even log into ffxi to escape

Sunday, June 27, 2010

the rat takes the cheese, the rat takes the cheese,
hi-ho the derry-o, the rate takes the cheese

Monday, June 21, 2010

music and stuff

dude Lady Gaga is awesome lol

i came across this cnn article about how she posed for june's rolling stone cover, talked about her latest music + album release etc. and i found myself thinking, "yay! you do your thing, lady gaga!"

everytime i read something online about her, or watch a youtube video there are always so many haters out there saying all this ridiculous hogwash about her. like i cant believe some people are still going on and on about her being a man lol. then there are others who are like "meh she's just another britney spears" and it's like OMG she is nothing like britney! what else... that she can't sing - seriously? lol. when she sang + piano-ed poker face live on ellen, i dont think anyone could have questioned her singing talent. and countless other stuff on top of that, like she's 'copying' madonna. but look, they're both young (serval years back in madonn's case haha), successful, influential american females, they're in the same music genre, they're both blonde by choice, they're both rebels - so they have a lot in common, but i wouldnt go so far as to say lady gaga is a madonna clone. that would be like saying the playstation design is a 'copy' of the NES. (not sure if that was a good example, but it was the first thing that popped into my head lol).

anyway, people are just bothered because theyd never dare to do the stuff she does, which of course those people then might say, "well i would never want to be like her anyway! as a matter of fact id rather burn in hell than be like her!" and it's just like, "dude, then stop complaining. stop reading about her and watching her videos and listening to her music." they're just upset that she's so captivating fufufu.

now i wouldnt consider myself a super lady gaga die hard fan or anything, but i sincerely think she's pretty cool and her music is quite catchy.

so if she wants to cosplay whatever junk then come on, it's america - if she's not hurting anyone then it's all good. (which of course people would then argue that she is very much hurting people like tweens who might look up to her and try to be like her etc. but it's like... well, there are far worse influences out there than lady gaga... if anything, she's creating such a lesson like "kids, if you ever dare to go agaisnt the grain at all; if you dare to be gay, or dress loudly, or express youself in any inconventional way, then there are always gonna be people out there who will hate you just cause you're different. so be normal, or else."

and then there's justin bieber lol

i have nothing agaisnt that kid, man. he's just a clean-looking boy who wanted to sing. and his songs arent like throw-up material either. but then you got so many people hating on him as well. and it's always something like, "GAYYYYYY!!!!!" and it's like, dude this boy is still in high school lol. give him a break. what were YOU like when you were in high school? sheesh, dont be jealous lol. and famous, young, black artists think he's so cool they write songs with him, and his videos have multicultural people in them! what better role model could kids have? haha.

all in all, people should at least appreciate artists like lady gaga and justin bieber because at least the rest of us 庶民 can have something interesting to look at and talk about in our lives, whether the opinion is good or bad. and for families who really do not like these people, wouldnt they at least provide a prime example for their kids NOT to be? so everyone wins!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

as of yesterday, me = proud owner of a new Canon EOS Kiss x4!
there was a "sale" (sales are more like a 'let's shopping' campaign in japan haha) at eiden and i was like, "yknow i did decide a while back that i would buy a fatty camera right before i leave japan... and i'm feeling pretty good today... time to spend my hard earned bacon!"
so i got the main body, the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens, the EF-S55-250mm f/4.5-5.6 IS lens, a lens guard, LCD screen protector thingy, carrying case, and 4g SD card for 108000yen. i thought it was a reasonable deal considering it was a double lens kit with mem card, case and other goodies too.

it was funny cause i had done all this research before going to eiden, and then as i was playing in the camera section this nice, oldish, cool uncle-type salesman was like "greetings, pretty miss. i couldnt help noticing you oggling the pentax and lumix cameras a lot... and just wanted to say... i really, really, really want to save you from purchasing total crap lol" (i was like, dude this guy is awesome lol). then we were talking about the merits of nikon and canon cams and how other makers try to lure young women like me into buying their stuff by offering cool colors or a fancy compact design (and yes, i think everyone knows how i like to buy any technology that comes in pink - which is why i spent so much time with the lumix gf1 lol). so i was like, alright uncle, what would you rec for a first-time dslr person? and after much more Q&A and other talking i walked out of the store with my new baby.

i think the canon eos kiss x4 is actually marketed in western countries under different names, the "550D" and/or "Rebel T2i" don't really know why they would market the same thing under different names... although if i had to guess it's because the imagery of words like 'kiss' or 'rebel' or the definitively quantitative value of '550' subconsciously makes japanese people, americans, englishmen, etc. identify with their own inherent kinkiness, ruggedness or calculating preciseness... sorry if that came out racist at all lol.

anyway more specs on my baby here:

needless to say, i'm really excited about summer vacation to okinawa + hong kong + tokyo disneyland + comiket now cause i'll be able to learn how to use this thing better on the field hehe. what's cool is dad was a pro photographer like 12-13 years ago so i'm sure he'll be more than happy to show me stuff~ yay~


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

getting sentimental looking at old undergrad pix


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i have nothing to write and everything to write about these pix lol

a teacher buddy and i baked these suckers! the decal cardboard square thingy says "ABC Cooking Studio" and that's where we signed up for this "learn how to make cake... and eat it too!... for free!" campaign - promo to recruit new members haha.

about a month ago, a bunch of the lady teachers went to this fatty JP wooden mansion which felt like a restaurant/bed+breakfast/ museum/ tea ceremony hall/ dojo... anyway i was fed the best japanese curry like EVER there that they called simply 'yaki curry.' it was meaty (beef) and cheesy and had some kind of tex-mex bean chili essence to it or something, but they oven-baked the whole stone bowl/ dish thing with the curry and rice together so you kind of had this bibimbap action going, too.

just a few hours ago the VN family gave me some boar meat to cook up lol. i asked "where did you get this? lol" and the mother was like, "uh... maybe... my brother..." and then she made a gesture of shooting a rifle followed by the shush be quiet gesture LOL

anyway, despite the number of food pictures im putting up, i am indeed getting back to my normal ratios hehe

other than that, i've been in a drawing/ artist's block for the past several weeks :/
every time i try to draw stuff at school my sweaty paws always warps the paper and i get frustrated... this is usually when i turn to oekaki lol

Saturday, June 12, 2010

they banned KMEL just now too ;_; as a whole does not work anymore ;_;

stupid licensing issues.

yesterday's talent show/ concert thing was cool ^^

and tonight is house of crazy unplugged no guitars live ^^


Friday, June 11, 2010

using a new template preset~
i was going to use the super pink picnic table one, but i didnt want all those reading this to be too repulsed so i made it this watercolory one instead~

anyway, i honestly think i did a fantastic job on rinoa's duster and arm warmers ^^

hopefully good pix will be taken tomorrow ^^

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

forgot to mention we're playing in cosplay lol

so i'm whipping up rinoa's blue duster like tonight lol

Sunday, June 6, 2010

man, feels good to have ME time again.

june will be my last month at the gym (canceled membership the other day), july will be a flurry of filming, and aug will be okinawa + hong kong + comiket!

so i wont be having this ME time for that much longer i guess :/

i'm such a recluse lol.

next weekend i'm playing at a fundraising/ benefit show and whatever moneys the event gets will go towards aid for Haiti. the JETs in our prefecture organized this some time back, and this thing is finally going down... finally! i'm playing Eyes On Me (duet with a buddy on guitar). i dont really want to play anything else >_> cause it'll sound pretty lame with just me and all... it makes me sad because if i had my sax i could play some cool stuff... alas...


i just got the best idea

like seriously

i just thought of it right this moment

i shall write a poem!

and interject some jazzy bars between stanzas!

oh snaps the idea is so perfect in me head. i'll tell this awesome ballad/ story and it'll be wonderful.


omg just kidding worst idea ever lol

i'll play eyes on me, the boat song from lunar, lena on the beach from chrono cross then i'll be done lol

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

mid-may house of crazy musicing in action~
photographed by my exchange student, anssi ^^

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Friday, May 28, 2010

good news: and english camp is over~~~

time to work on mystery cosplay now!

bad news: gained like 4 kilos in May ;_; and im oficially the fattest/heaviest i have ever been in my life!

this month has just been so stressful ;_; ever since we got back from golden week it's been non-stop work on english camp (including meetings and stuff), my chuden test (which i passed! yes!), DVD authoring for my international course kids, researching flights, researching jobs for when i get back to CA, boxing crap, throwing away crap, being guilt-tripped into going out all the time cause people are like, "but you're going home soon! we gotta hang out!" which meant: NO GYM TIME AT ALL THIS MONTH! ARG!! even tonight i'm going out to be fattened up by some teacher buddies.

if you go to facebook you can see all the pictures (and a video) my friend uploaded (at least i think you can... he might have disabled viewing to friends of friends) but i look so freaking horrible! especially in the picture with me in pink cat ears, me in my medusa cosplay and in the video i'm wearing this baggy t-shirt but it totally looks like i have a pot-belly!

complete and utter self-image dissatisfaction.


at least i have cosplay + repatriation as weight loss motivation! and good thing i have longer hair now to hide behind >_>

Thursday, May 20, 2010

omg i can't listen to anymore ;_;

when the heck did this happen?!

curse you, CBS radio for being unavailable from my current location! i guess it can join FOX in that respect grrrrrr...

at least 106 kmel still works lol

Monday, May 17, 2010

super busy with english camp stuff!

pictures in the meantime~ not even going to explain lol.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

got warrior to lvl 75 today ^^

glad i was able to do it before they changed the cap to 99 ^^

and i think i'll be naming my new ff14 miqote "Janaan Zubaidah"

lots more here:
Golden Week 2010 Pictures!

... and a video~

... and here are Pictures from Justin~

Saturday, May 1, 2010

shopping spree!

i spent very literally the whole day biking around enjoying yet another saturday off. (no practice again because the other members have been super busy with life ;_;)

anyway i convinced myself that i was shopping for the izu vacation in 2 days ^^ the boring stuffs i got for myself: a floofy floral skirt, comfy foam shoes, a radical t-shirt, a pair of gold-toned earrings, and a whole lot of crane game prizes >__>

also, my VN kid's 7th bday is coming up and he asked me for a beyblade set!

i was like, 'man, you got it.' cause beyblade is pretty fun lol. at one of my high school's cultural festivals last fall, one class' theme was 'kiddie toys' like kendama, ringtoss, some other traditional stuff, and BEYBLADE! there was one kid in the class who was like the beyblade champion. he had been beyblading since the phonomenon came out (some 8 or so years ago) and owns like 50 of these beyblades. he has this extreme performance-enhancing glove and everything lol.

anyway, i hope he'll be happy with P_Serpent_SW145SD and B_Phoenix_135MS.

i've decided that i shall spoil him with more beyblades if he asks me for more lol. there are only a few more weekends left until i have to part with him forever! ;_; blah i shouldnt think about it so much just yet XD

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i noticed today that for the amount of ffxi stuff i talk about in this blog, there are so little (if any...?) screenshots of the game at all here lol. for those of you who do not know, i started playing ffxi a few days after halloween day in 2003; about 2 months into my freshman year at university... and i've been playing ever since! i posted a good handful of screenies on my old xanga during my undergrad days, but i thought id might as well lay down some here too. i'll try not to be too jargony or explain too much about the game itself, and focus more on actual memories, thoughts, feelings, etc.

dead. or "knocked out" rather. the fellow in the back is casting a spell to raise me. there's not much you can do while you're incapacitated besides the /tell command and pan your camera around, so this is the state in which i usually take the most screenshots. i took this one a few days ago on accident. i was wiping my keyboard and accidentally hot-keyed into the step before you actually take the screenshot, so i was like, 'meh might as well, it's been a while' and snapped one.
april 17th, 2010

this is me leveling my dancer job. i was fighting solo and the mob i was up against made me fear for my life for the first time in a long time, so i thought it picture-worthy ^^
december 19th, 2009

i saw this big fella and thought to myself, "i wonder how long id last against this..." i didnt die in a shamefully short amount of time or anything, but as soon as i messed up, it was all over super fast lol.
february 23rd, 2009

it's a firework in my hand, and that's how i look like with no armor on.
august 28th, 2008

Carmine Rose. my second chocobo that i raised from an egg ^^
april 27th, 2008

oh, Jalis. me and him go back real far lol. he sauntered up for a chat, but spent more time on chatting than on looking out for enemies lol.
december 15th, 2007

oh, Arolek. another interesting character. some kind of red thread of fate seems to tie us together. the very first time we met in real life, we just so happened to park next to one another in a sea of cars in an amusement park parking lot lol.
october 6th 2007

this is when i passed the 'final exam' so to speak of my thief job class. (being a thief means you should be able to steal right? so that's what i did to pass lol). this was the day i had my first alcoholic beverage. to be more exact, this was the first time i ever felt like i needed to celebrate something with the use of alcohol. yes, i drank to my character's success in an online game lol.
april 16th, 2006

oh, Azallie. i have nothing but good memories with this dude! on this particular day he was like, "come! /insert lyrics to A Whole New World here >>" and then for the next several hours i experienced quite possibly the best virtual date ive ever had in my life lol. (and yes, you can still hold me to otakon; it will sooo happen!)
march 5th, 2006

this is the day i created my second character (for the sole purpose of using her inventory space). ffxi people affectionately call characters created for this purpose, 'mules.'
july 15th, 2005

ah, Zenair. the character of my then-bf. MMORPGing with a significant other is kind of a fun+funny situation lol. we went to the same university so there was no distance hardship or anything, but some times it was just like, "hmm, we could have dinner and hang out tonight, but there's a so-and-so quest/ event going on, so... uhh... let's just ffxi!" (about the picture and in-game text: on chocobo it's possible to 'follow' another character on auto-pilot, so i would always have Zenair "drive" for me because im pretty sucky with maps and directions lol)
december 17th, 2005

the classic "airship trick" where you can run off the side of the airship. believe me, it was way cooler back in the day lol.
july 24th, 2004

the first ffxi screenshot i've ever taken (or bothered to save). this was our very first time on an airship. Bakudannar is my brother. we still play every (Japan time) Sunday afternoon.
february 17th, 2004

Saturday, April 24, 2010

ok, super abridged post!

mini gasshuku in gotenba was most excellent!

we're going to izu for golden week.

freshman students this year have nothing but good things/ skills/ attitudes to show me.

i cut my hair again and the age guessing got blasted down all the way into late teens lol. i guess bangs really are the secret to the whole age-defying thing haha.

and now for random pictures:

i came upon these flowers while wandering around the local hospital's mini garden (i take the bus home from the hospital, which is next to one of my schools). they stood out so vibrantly against the dark green, brown and gray... anyway, my initial reaction was, "wow! those are some great-looking orchids!" so i walked through the shrubs to take pictures of them. since im not a botanist or anything, i dont know for sure if theyre really orchids or not... there are like hundreds of orchid breeds out there too, so i'll be safe and just call them 'flowers' haha. they were growing only in the shady areas underneath trees, like in a perfect ring around like 5 trees.

(this is without effing with the colors like i did in the above 2 pictures).

here's a particularly ferocious-looking staff room dust bunny that tumbled by my desk. the windows were all open because it was a nice day, but all the dust from under all the desks were blowing about and... well, just look at it haha. there were legions of bunnies like this all over the place!

...and it's still cold and rainy here lol. (it was like 8 degrees in gotenba brr!)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

on the left is the oreo-inspired cookie i found at the 100yen store some weeks ago. as you can see, the colors and layout of the packaging, as well as the actual cookie composition and shape are totally mined from the real joe nabisco snack on the right.

aha! here we have some sub-packaging deviation!

the cream-o is a few millimeters smaller than the oreo in diameter, and the brand name in the center reads "jack'n jill."

in terms of taste, the cream-o is noticeably less sweet (both the cookie part and the white stuff). the cookie part is a lot like a British digestive biscuit, having this coarse grit to it. the cream-o white stuff has very nearly the same consistency as the oreo white stuff (i would say oreo's is slightly more creamy though), and is a tad yellower in color. oreo's white stuff is like this super bleached white! also, the oreo definitely absorbs milk faster than the cream-o...

lol totally ate like 5 cookies each just now. but! it's only around 830pm now, so i can justify it as a legit dessert!

and now for something completely different, i got a new lunch box set unit thing!

the design looked pretty spiffy, and i'm a big sucker for cool stuff that comes in some hue of pink so... yeah, it called to me and i answered.

you can take the 2nd and 3rd level out and substitute conbini-sized onigiris, a load of mikans, bananas in the 69 position or what have you. today my configuration was: 1st level, shrimp shumai, and level 2 and 3 were fitted with 2 onigiris. oh, and i had room to stuff a stick of string cheese beside the 2 onigiris, too~

here's what it's like all turtled up, masquerading as a piece of computer hardware or external HD or something. anyway, it'll be like, armor for sandwiches and stuff.


i was reflecting (again) about random stuff related to japan... actually, it was quite honestly closer to a kind of meditative state i was in... but in any case i think i'm in a better and/or more positive mental state now than i was earlier this season.

so it's all gravy for now.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

getting close! but getting close to what, exactly?

last weekend i got WAR to lvl 74 and attained the Medal of Altana (highest current campaign decoration).

i was at a bar last night talking to random folks about life and it dawned on me that i spent all of middle school, high school and university totally engrossed in japanese culture stuffs... all the while hoping that i would be able to somehow come to japan to live and/ or work.

now that my 3 year JET experience is coming to an end (i'll go home this august), i'm left with the feeling of, "wow. holy crap, what do i do now?"

this is actually the first time this feeling has really taken over me. before, like in the late summer when i knew the countdown for my last year had started (it was a matter of choice by the way. had i wished it, i could have stayed for a 4th year), i didnt really think much about moving on with life or living back in america again because well, i still had a whole year left of adventuring to do here. now i have like... a little more than one season of adventuring left haha.

i guess i should start eating as much conbini onigiri as i can from now on or something.

one freshman boy guessed that i was 30 years old. what the heck? do i look like i'm 30 now? man, that's why being 25 kind of sucks. at least when you're 20-24 it's cool because no matter how old the kids guess you are, you always have the confidence of truth in your actual young age. but it's like when you're 25-29 and the kids are like, "uhhh... 30?" it hurts! because you think in your head, "damn... do they actually think i look 31-34 and are really trying to round down to 30 to make me feel better?" and then when you're like, "no i'm actually 25" they're like, "aw boo, so close!" and then i cry on the inside lol.

in all honesty though, my super youthful-looking days are nearly over. now if i dont conceal my dark under-eye circles it's like, "ah, good morni--holy crap! you look so... so tired today! did you sleep well last night?!" and it's like, "no i feel wonderful actually thanks... this is just how my face looks like normally..."

[the "oh snap, you look so tired!" comment is actually one of my biggest pet peeves EVER. now i'm a pretty mellow person and it takes a heck of a lot of effort to yield an angry emotional response from me, but this comment will do it. i know japanese culture is all about revering the hard-working citizen and all, but for me, i dont need the lip service. please. never say this to me no matter how tired i may look.]

which reminds me of a funny encounter i had with a teacher early into my first year here in japan! (think i might have written about this before in a post a long time ago, but here it is again cause why not huh)
me: "good morning!~"
older lady teacher: "mornin~ ... !!! ... hey pham sensei, yknow what... we staff members are allowed to wear uh, makeup and uh, color and style our hair and uh, things like that... so... it's ok you know! go ahead and uh, ... yeah! so it's perfectly fine ok? maybe a little something here *hand motion to eye area* like the other lady teachers! uh anyway, talk to you later!"
me: "..."

and the day after was like the first day i started regularly using concealer and mineral foundation lol.


and it's final; i cant NOT be miqote lol.

Monday, April 5, 2010


and pictures~

Saturday, April 3, 2010

kyoto was such good times! really glad i got the chance to come out and see pip + jakes even if it was only for a day =3

then, yesterday was JET hanami pt in tsuruma koen up in nagoya, and ohhh boyyy was it crowded (you can't really tell from the pictures, though). all the more joyous!

then it got too dark, and i was a bit too drunk to take more pictures lol.

i'll upload all the pictures i took and post the link here a bit later.