Saturday, February 28, 2009


dont got any pictures, but if buddy sends/posts this one that got taken before we went on the lift, then ill post that haha.

and it was extreme. i think id do it again! definitely learned a lot on the first day. we took a long ass time just for one run, but at least we did it haha. by the time we were towards the bottom i was able to actually maneuver and control direction + speed and stuff lol. i think we accomplished much - yay.

on a completely unrelated and TMI note, i got diarrhea at the moment ;_;

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

so i totally forgot to mention im going snowboarding for the first time ever this saturday lol. finally gonna see what all the hype is about. then i can be EXTREME kekeke. been researching all about snowboarding since monday, so hopefully i wont be surprised at least information-wise - ill know in theory how to not kill myself and stuff like that.

rogue galaxy is cool so far. nice to mix it up with a semi button mashing battle system after going through legend of heroes haha.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

culinary idea conceived some time ago yep realized only a few days ago: BĂșn Oden
it was actually pretty good! lol. not damn good, but pretty good.

im getting close to finishing legend of heroes III... which is making me feel kinda sad ;_; cause i like the series so much, (especially legend of heroes I, OMG!) but this means ill get to start on star ocean yayyy. actually maybe ill change it up and go back to ps2 - still gotta go through rogue galaxy and odin sphere, though im not sure which first... coin toss time~


alright rogue galaxy it is!

what else to report... im going to make those chocolate flowers using hersheys kisses again for this graduation season. lets see if anyone will copy my idea from last year! hehe

Thursday, February 12, 2009

marksmanship 137-164 in kuftal, with a smattering of farming cats. what a fruitful day lol.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

one of the oni at the oni festival that i didnt go to today >_>
special invite-only kimono event goodies!
it shimmers.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


this song+vid
was the demo video for our second computer our family ever owned lol

so glad i was able to find it - tried googling the lyrics i remembered to no avail, so i started back at buffy and jumped through related videos until i saw it on someones list.

oh baby~ lol. other than thinking, "wow this new computer is totally sweet!" i remember also thinking, "is that what im supposed to be like in high school?" haha.

oh~ the nostalgia~

Monday, February 2, 2009

holy crud.

so i was just spacing out before bed - lights off, covers pulled over me and everything - when an old ass song came floating into my mind - like more than 10 years ago since ive heard this song, yea? and it just kinda hits me for apparently no reason at all as im about to zzz - 'give me' by buffy lolz

so here i am on this crazy 80s-90s freestyle music rush seeing what turns up on youtube lol, and they got some fatty beats, yo! exactly how i remembered, too.

the sensation is how a 13 year old might feel... riding in the backseat of her high school junior of an unofficial cousin's car, who is only a high school junior herself... but it's 830 on a friday night and someone's mom was cool enough to loan out the keys to her used BMW... and everyone is juiced. cause tonight is a sailor moon marathon! and when the sun rises, there's timon and pumba on saturday morning cartoons~ but for now, let's just groove to the buffy + jocelyn + TLC mix tape that's blasting on the stereo as we're weaving thru the traffic.


oh baby, hahaha.

straight to the iPod.