Monday, March 31, 2008

because a bagel without philly is just plain silly.

i was at school today and while i was reading i really wanted a bagel with cream cheese. so after school i went to the market and got some. and i'm eating it right now. it's so satisfying haha.

i'm going to go to mr gym guy in a few. i'll try out their super cool looking pool and aromatherapy room oh~yeah~


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

cooking excitement, onsen excitement, gaming excitement, sakura excitement. there's never a dull moment here, really. i got some negi maguro sushi for lunch and prepared a tofu salad guy to go along with that and it was quite refreshing. i mixed soy sauce and wannabe sriracha to give it a good at-home taste and... yea it was great.

were there always flyers posted on the walls of jeuno or have i really not noticed all these years of playing? i swear i notice like all these silly details for everything, but just now i noticed flyers on the walls of jeuno and thought - wow i really havent noticed these things before. it was shocking.

going to go get tactics pearl now. then ffxii.

Friday, March 21, 2008

went to see the hokusai ukiyoe exhibit in nagoya today. it was a good ~~~ glad i finally got to see some in real life!

ate a burger afterwards!

i can hear cats outside going crazy @_@

great weather today!

ranked up the other day too hooray~

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


i saw the CS!!!! and the referred to him as "he" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i feel so rewarded! after all this time!!! finally!!!!!
... because japan is the only place people can seriously throw a penis festival... many of them actually... all throughout the nation lol.

Penis Festival 2008

i joined the local fitness center today. when i say local i really mean local too - it's right next door! i got taken on a tour and boy is the facility nice. it's no wooden center, but this is cramped-for-space japan after all. they have an aromatherapy room o_0! i start on april 1st and i cant wait to use their pool =D theyve got this awesome thing they put in the water that eliminates stinky pool smell and is easy on your hair at the same time. it's from the future - it really is.

tonight we dine on egg patty.

and the jeweled egg is all i need from the egg event except vowels sure arent coming my way :/

i drank 1000mL of whole milk yesterday (not in one sitting).

last day of school is tomorrow.

clean apt feel is always awesome. and smaller apt size means a full clean only takes 30 minutes =D which is an even better feeling.

i got some new at-work bottoms for the new school year coming up and boy are they great. i actually dont feel fat when i wear them.

spring is in full swing! oh how i celebrate how i can wear light jackets and sweaters on bike outside now. /rotate back in summer clothing. i also think i can put away one of the heavy blankets now!

man, what everyone says about japan having four seasons is totally true. no wonder talking about the weather is such a hot conversation topic here haha - of course ive already mentioned this before last season haha

Monday, March 10, 2008

*EDIT* i'm leaving the previous test post up for contrast

testing one two three. so traditionally i like to type blog stuff in word and then copy over to blogger. but with picasa there's this weird color and format issues that come up with the text, so i'm typing everything in again... i'm sure when i figure out picasa and exploit its advantages of google unity, it'll be pretty good to be, but until then i'll be muddling around for a bit still.

behold! white day cookies that a cute 1st year girl gave me in return for the chocolate i gave out on valentine's day. they were crunchy and tasty and i made with love i'm sure. she spelled out my name on ittttttt - it was so awesome. the cookies within the bag were shaped into a heart, flower and other hehe. each cookie was decorated with pink chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate chocolate decal things. i was moved. i wish picasa had good old spell check built into it... i'm blazing though typos at the moment and i'm actually having to proofread and stuff and even after proofreading i'm sure i'm going to let a bunch of random spelling kinks slide through... right after this i think i'm going to farm some more cockatrice and then campaign a bit before i zzz.
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darn it. picasa just killed ffxi. anyway, going off of recommendation, i'm trying out picasa. good thing i wasnt on choco or anything, that would have annoyed me...anyway, on to the whole purpose of picasa - i got white day cookies from kiddies i gave chocolates to last month!and 2nd year girl that i had been coaching for an english proficiency test totally passed! yay and she totally gave me a box of soba from fukushima =D man, i swear one day a kid will get back to me all sad saying, "pham sensei... i failed ;_;" and i'll be all sad... man will i be sad... but until then, i'll be doing my best at helping these kids jump through hoops ^^!
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Friday, March 7, 2008

dude johnny's jr. totally blows. japan does not need to borrow any cultural influence from VN Paris by Night haHA.

oh SNAP. this monk is no limit. monk dude who adopts kids and saves them and shows them some tough ass love omg. there was this one girl he adopted 15 years old - like he was doing a buddhist lecture and brought his girl there but the girl was on her phone so he took her phone away, but afterwards she started to chat so he came over there and was like, "are you thinking what youre doing?!" and when she didnt look at him he threw his microphone and broke it on the chair next to her. then he slapped her like 4 times HARD across the FACE. then it cut to the dinner after scene where all the adopted kids are at dinner chatting at the table with monk daddy. then it cut to another scene where the girl was like, "i was so glad he did it." and it went on to explain how her real parents never did any real parent stuff or paid attention to her.

today i got gifted some tasty fresh cake thing from cooking class and it came in that stiff aluminum cup thing and when i raised it to my mouth i got a small cut right below my lip line which stings a bit when i move my mouth. i've medicated it and all but ...yea it sucks. you cant see it or anything, you can just feel the place where the skin is broken.

oh SNAP. they showed a girl who just cut up her wrists on JP television omg what the heck. they zoomed into her bloody gashes too what the heck. man i gotta stop watching this. bath time.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

meeting thing was today. usually i dont ever feel like i should prove to anyone like who i am or anything, but today other person wanted to do bar stuff with the other peoples just because it had been a long time so i said oh fine and we went to that foreigner bar that i dont like so much. we spent the whole night there... it was interesting. it wasnt bad but it wasnt super either. people seem to think i shun alcohol too lol. i guess that's the kind of person they assume me to be. anyway, i got a nice bacon cheeseburger with fries, cookies and cream milkshake. then we had a mango juice towards the end and went back home. all in all people seemed glad that the people up in our sector of the prefecture came to the bar. got to talk to people ive never talked with before. given theyre like hardcore drinkers and smokers but whatever. i guess it had been like 3 months or something since ive gone to that place. i dont regret going.

last day at spicy chicken school tomorrow.

going to a popular penis festival in the area. it's supposed to have serious sacred meanings and stuff but... come on, it's a penis festival.

end of academic year is coming up!

jp springtime is almost here!

i can now ride to school without gloves on!

gonna bathe the casino-esque cigarette smoke and grime from my body now.