Thursday, June 26, 2008

mog bonanza is almost here! i hope i can get that 100,000,000 gil!

and yea im totally obsessed with avatar. i think about it like every other hour @_@ those last few episodes are gonna kill me i just know. and i was trying to think whether im more of a zutara fan or kataang fan lol - out of principle im going to say im leaning more towards the katara + aang pairing haha.

anyway, avatar has totally taken over my art drive :P

Monday, June 23, 2008

so i binged through a lot of avatar (Avatar The Last Airbender) last week, maybe like... 55 half hour-ish episodes.

best cartoon ever! im not just saying that either. it really is the best animated series ive seen since like... man... i dunno when! glad the DVDs were forced upon me a month ago haha.

the crazy humidity is back. it's gotten to the point where the boys at almost all guys tech school run around in their underpants - no exaggeration.

there was a warm rain all day yesterday and into the night i saw lightening at 5-10 second intervals - it was insane.


Monday, June 16, 2008

so how can you NOT catch this? it's pokemon seafood ramen by sapporo ichiBan. i found it in the discount bin with a 68 yen price tag on it and didnt even think twice before plopping it in my basket. now i can sing the (US) pokemon theme song while eating it at work.

disappointment for the day: this anti-mosquito device (katori ki) they put on my desk at school totally failed me. for the past two weeks it's been giving me peace of mind leading me to believe i was shielded within this almighty force field, when actually i probably was much mosquito food as the rest of the poor teachers in the staff room. basically the katori ki i was given is this palm-sized honeycomb-like plastic device with a battery-operated fan that blows some chemical from off the honeycomb thing and into the air around you. the chemical supposedly wards off mosquitoes.

anyway, as i was pouring over papers i feel this sting at my ankle and by the time i look down, theres this fatty mosquito making a meal of me. so i swat (to kill) at ms mosquito but she dismounts and kinda hovers about the air around me. next, the scientist in me became really curious about the katori ki that totally just failed to protect me, so i picked it up and held it up to the engorged mosquito, like one would hold up a garland of garlic cloves to a vampire, to see if indeed it would buzz away or better yet fall out of the air and roll over on its back in the classic death pose as advertised on the box. to my disappointment, ms mosquito just buzzed about the katori ki like it wasnt even there, high off my blood stolen obviously. it even parked mockingly on the katori ki itself. my experiment over, i put down my toy of a katori ki, whammed the mosquito and ground its body into a bloody paste between my bare hands. yay retribution, lol.

on a lighter note, i made myself this refreshing tuna + celery + pasta + rice dish flavored with an S&B curry sauce cube.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


we got some nice filming done today in english club. basically i just wanted them to get a good feel of being on camera and being part of the whole making a movie experience as a whole, so i had them do random "students speaking english around school" scenes. i managed to catch students i knew doing their respective club activity stuffs and asked if they could randomly babble in english about whatever they felt like and it was great! i even got the volleyball guys to run this way and that way doing their military chants in english - totally awesome lol.

man on tv theres this comedy duel thing and this one contestant dude is just like... man... /palmface
because it really shows the progression or lack thereof of comedy here... it's basically this dude prancing around babbling nonsensical things... blah

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

i got the nagato pinky today =D

now i gots all 3!

Monday, June 9, 2008


after being here for almost a year i've finally realized that when the phone gets answered in the staff room it sounds like, "show queen's shits, dess."
whoops - totally havent updated in a really long time - that english camp totally drained like akk the HPs from me for reals. so i guess it's major nutshelling time.

lessons go swimmingly as usual - im starting to get to know most of the freshmen at all my school a lot better. for some reason their names stick in my head a lot better than any of the kids from last year. i think it's because there are more kinds that kind of stand out... or these kids seem to have more guts than the kids last year, as in they talk to me like alllll the time haha.

summer is approaching with a bounty of humidity. this might be just a bay area kid talking, but man is it getting bad. the locals dont seem to think it's all that humid yet, but for me it sucks. the mosquitoes are sucking the life out of me every day. i get attacked in the supposed sanctuary of each of my schools' staff room. it's even air-conditioned in those rooms and they still get to me. all screens are up too - they totally fly in from underneath the doors. then they find their way to my legs and feast. i got a new one on my right ankle today. one of my teacher buddies slathered some post-bite medicine on it right after i noticed it - it's called "MUHI" or something like that, and is the number one popular mosquito relief medication in japan.

i've inhabited the bike port right underneath my stairwell near the mail boxes since this one dude went back to canada and left the port vacant. it can fit around 3 bikes there if they file in all organized-like, but id been camping the spot for 2 weeks, and no one had moved in, so... i did - haha. it's great now because i dont have to deal with the swarms of insects in the communal bike parking zone (which is only like 10 meters away from my stairwell anyway, but dude - mosquitoes and i are not cool together).

i dont know how intense the rainy season is going to get, but so far it's been rather tame. i think we're officially in the 2nd week of it and it's not like it's El Nino or anything. what helps is that rainy days are not freezing and are pretty warm to tell the truth. i go out wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts rain or shine and it's alright. though the other teachers always ask me, "arent you cold?!" and im like, "... no." i'm not trying to be a tough kid or anything like that - it really is a comfortable 22-28+ degrees nowadays. id actually be super happy if it stayed 22 degrees all the time from now until december haha. minus the crazy humidity too of course.

man, someone is frying up some eggs or something now at like...11:14pm.

deep cleaned my apartment earlier today for the heck of it.

ate at indian place with the chinese canadian and the australian a few hours ago.

snaps, what other noteworthy things have come to pass as of late...

oh yeah, middle school buddy came to visit like a week ago. he was on a 16 day trip all throughout japan, and he managed to squeeze me and nagoya into his schedule. we talked about random stuff that went down and other random memories within the 11+ years we've known each other. haha - it was good times.

oh and allen is coming to visit in less than a month, so he'll be around for the 4th of july, Tanabata, and a mini gasshuku at tsukubaDai. awwJea~

which reminds me - AX is going to come and go pretty soon. feels weird not to attend after going for the past 8 years... but it's all good - i gots me natsuKomi 74 and tokyo game show 2008! then after a few more years, after im done dealing my damage to this nation, i'll be back for (a hopefully repaired) AX, and more to come! also im thinking of hitting up otakon the summer i come back too, so my homecoming should be beyond exciting just considering the anime cons i'll be able to check out again.

i havent started on Mao yet, but i still have hella time, so i'm gonna just let the feeling come to me and then i'll get cracking. no rush, no rush! the nice thing about cosplay shopping in japan is that inspiration for costume designers in japan comes from the japanese environment, which means it's highly accessable, AND inexpensive =D one thing i noticed several months ago was the Tales of the Abyss designs are soooooo spun off from jp street fashion. take for example Tear's white shoes (those ones that look like pumps with a shallow boot ankle things) and guy's boots - you could find like so much to choose from here! that crazy key hole-ish shape on the front part of guy's boots was IMPOSSIBLE to find back at home, but i must have seen like 3 pairs of boots in the same color with that same front design here at random stores - in just ONE city alone! then with the "Tear shoes" - gosh that style was totally last fall's look, and it's become like a staple shoe in all women's closets since then - just like the summer 07 kitten heel sparkly sandals. [those 'in the office' booty shorts + thigh high dark tights + 3 inch heels will never get old though - it's like a year round fashion for jp hos here, no joke].

... maybe that's being too critical, lol. i shouldnt be calling those poor fashion slaves hos.

... and i had to consult urbanDictionary real fast just now for "ho" or "hoe." i've always been using "hoe" but doing the whole english teacher thing made me actually 'research' it and it seems people use both and it's ok? but "ho" is supposed to be short for "wHOre" in which case "ho" seems the best suitable spelling for the word.

anyway, you CANNOT wear japanese women's trendy fashion in western countries if you dont want to be seen as a ho. cause the stockings just do not make up for those short ass shorts youre wearing, ho.

lolz - ok hating /off