Thursday, December 31, 2009


last post of 2009!

i've been chilling out quite nicely at home for the past few days. to mix it up today i went window shopping to get the legs walking. i guess you could have called it exercise? i did bike around a lot after all... this morning was super windy. i saw a lot of laundry all over the place outside - poor folks lol.

yay rice is done - time for dinner! but before i go, pictures!

lucky bamboo at main school. i effed with the colors in photoshop a bit to make it look happier lol.

yes, this is on the entertainment menu tonight lol. i was saving it for some good occasion.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

today was my first day of real holiday. i spent it catching up with buddies which was super. before that i was having the tv do its thing. now im back to tv-ing. i think ive expressed all kinds of negative feelings in previous posts about japanese tv, but i figured i might as well do all the normal jp new years customs (minus osechi cause its so expensive and im alone here lol) in which the tv part cant be ignored lol. along with kotatsu + mikannnnnn~ like konata from lucky star =3

Friday, December 25, 2009

ive been thinking of Hometown Buffet for hours lol

Monday, December 21, 2009

i've been watching a bunch of movies recently - Inglourious Basterds, Up, One Piece: Strong World and today we're going to see Avatar. yay.

and dude, it's annoying to not be able to find campbell's chicken noodle anywhere. you see all these other flavors like corn (ugh japan's obsession with corn) clam chowder, minestrone, and cream of mushroom but there's no chicken noodle to be found - what the heck is up with that? not even tomato... and tomato is the bomb too - way better than corn man... there are so many other brands/ varieties of corn soup that japanese people will buy so why does campbell's even bother marketing their corn soup here? uhg... but hey, it's not like im hating on corn or anything.

i bought some oeros and milk yesterday. then i got DNC to 21 - it's pretty cool being able to solo toughs at lvl 20 lol. you just... keep... dancing!

so as i was blowing my nose on those freebie tissues folks pass out advertising for something or another, i was thinking how easy it is to infect like... the entire japanese population with some crazy biological weapon by lacing those tissue packs with something creepy and then have them be passed out at like all of japan's major cities. winter would be the best time, of course. oh man, i suddenly feel all paranoid about accepting tissues...

i suppose i'll get ready and stuff now~

Thursday, December 17, 2009

does anyone remember usher's nice & slow? i was looking at the time a while ago as i was preparing christmas boxes to be sent to the states and it was... 7 o'clock on the dot lol. totally pulled it up on youtube. i remember that song as like... the babysitter song. oftentimes the song of friends whose high school aged older siblings would play on their mix tape in the car.

and oh how ive been caught in another 90s music youtube binge.

oh and im leveling DNC. high time i sub it during campaigns.

and is that ffxiii trailer on youtube's front page (ad banner at the top) new? prolly related to the jp ffxiii release date today. i swore i saw scenes ive never seen before. was that a baby choco on black dude's hover bike thing? haha.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

just watched ep 10 of kimi ni todoke and ep 8 of kobato. i dont know if i mentioned in any previous post that i was following those titles this season... maybe i mentioned kimi ni todoke though... in any case, i am. kobato has very cutesy CLAMP flavor, while kimi ni todoke is enjoyable shoujo. it's a really strange feeling watching these two because, being japan life/ japan school life types of anime, there are all these environmental + cultural things that i've experienced or seen on a firsthand basis and so it makes me relate personally on a deeper level. it's kind of the same feeling i got after watching k-on. id stare at the girls' cardigans or towels, and when the characters go for vending machine small talk i'm all, "dude i've seen them do that irl!" kobato is a little more removed from earth with its fantastical elements and such. also, with the dude character rocking this old school male ponytail thing, it makes the series feel less modern haha.

my buddies have kind of indirectly gotten me on the eva card collecting scene. they're basically these packs composed of one hard plastic evangelion collector's card + a nice chocolate wafer cookie thing (yes, to be eaten - they're about the size of a credit card) for around 105yen. i get them every now and then at valor. i have about 8 collected so far with no doubles yet so i guess im pretty lucky hehe. the nicest of my bunch is one of rei in her school uniform looking up holding onto gendo's glasses - the background is this refreshing pastel pink blue and purple striped scheme, and it's all frosted metallic... makes me want to pour over my sailor moon card collection at home again.

for some reason 3 days ago i was really hankering for some mindless katamari action so i've been back on the psp version trying to up all my 'islands' to 100 points. i still need to get the elephant's island past 90 points though, grr...

but i think i'll go back to star ocean second evolution now.

what else to report...

i sustained this crazy slash across the top part of my right middle finger (the surface where a ring might sit) the other day as i was getting the mail. i went up, washed it out and slathered some neosporin (not of the expired kind either... >_>) on it right after it happened but it's still taking a while to heal. there are just too many activities that i blaze through in a day where i have to wash my hands or get them wet in some way. i think it has a high chance of ending up looking like this scar i have on my left ring finger - got that on a ronco showtime rotisserie bbq in high school (a part of it was broken and i totally got sliced @_@).

!!! and holy crap, after googling ronco real fast, get a load of this!
i totally want this for christmas - buy 1 get one free! - american, we can use these when i get back lol

oh yeah and i discovered this after watching a recent TED talk
i think it's pretty sweet.

Friday, December 4, 2009


it's that time of turkey year again!!!

it was really more vivid in person, believe me. it was like... an orange vortex of infinity!

this is how we roll.

cooling down with excitement

the other thing people like to do with gingerbread

at the same time... Team Cake is working on their creation!

on the rise!

meanwhile, our gingerbread house is really taking shape!

cake @ 100%

i think the gingerbread house is at 100% too ^^

my english club girls were extremely happy.

one of the many other gingerbread/ sweets creations that were made.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

still no picture-worthy scenes of nature stuffs... maybe i'll just wait until mid winter or something. there was a sale at my local fabric store today so i bought some cloth to be made into pj pants later this month around christmas. i spent like 40 mins looking at their entire inventory and decided to take home this very plain and simple blue and black flannel. 2 meters for 800yen!

weather-wise it was a gloriously clear day. it also felt warmer than it's been - around 14 degeees C.

i hopped on board this saturday night party train - bday pt train to be exact. it's at this club nearly 1.5 hours away, but i figured it's been a while since ive gone to this type of thing.

prefecture meeting is tomorrow... in the rain, oh boy -_-! but this gives me an excuse to wear this totally boss vintage camel hair long trench coat that allen's mom gave me last winter kekeke. and the shoulders are to die for lol.

oh yeah last night i got the moonlight medal II in campaign. on top of that im around 13,000 into lvl 66, hooray... but axe is totally underskilled, boo.

anyway gonna get in touch with my gym rat side now.