Friday, May 30, 2008

english camp was intense. crazy kids all over the place, haha. we LARPed it to the max so i was happy. the food was excellent and the rooms were cool too. too bad it wasnt like a real cabin camp thing or outside camp thing - that would have made everything like 10x more enjoyable. though it was convenient how compact the venue was - walking from your room to the main event rooms took only like 45 seconds.

a rewarding 3 days!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

we're going to the beach tomorrow.

then, english camp is from wed-fri.

we saw narnia yesterday. capsian + peter: oh baby.

i know all 4 katsu ire no koto now.


and ive decided to go as mao from shining tears X wind.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

wow the seasons here are seriously like harvest moon, i swear. you wake up one day and 'bam!' it's totally the next season - no transition lol. i saw a cockroach scuttle across my floor just now, but my first reaction wasnt, 'zomg ROACH!!!' but 'wow it really is summertime now isnt it?' they came out to play with their best friends, the mosquitoes. totally not looking forward to the scars. the ones i got from last summer havent even completely faded yet. theres this one i got on my leg yesterday that's swollen up nicely - very uncool.

we did tasuki-dori today among other cool stuff.

the evening is quite nice. actually today was a nice day all around, though it is beginning to get a little bit too warm for my tastes.

comiket hype! still havent decided on my costume yet, but i'm leaning towards arche from tales of phantasia. i would like to do something that's low maintenance yet still has an impressive presence. the thing with arche is i'll have to do the crazy pink wig thing and that is soooo not low maintenance. everything else should be summer-ok for me as long as i choose the right fabric. i could very well go for something completely different though - i guess the resolve will just come to me when it does.

i think its vegetable curry time + chicken nuggets!

can you believe i made 100k npc-ing dhalmel drops last week? i felt like the laziest thf ever - i just kept on running back and forth between buburimu and mhaura. it was 100% mindless too because i farmed only while i was eating dinner.

Friday, May 16, 2008

had to bring out the big guns

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

yay i got the haruhi and mikuru pinky street dolls today! cant stop staring at them <3

Saturday, May 10, 2008

yay there was a mini gasshuku today. one of the mommies brought her baby girl (1 year 4 months) to practice too (mommy didnt practice but daddy did). it was oodles of cuteness and fun! i'm sooo gonna bring babies to practice. cept i'll actually practice too - how cool will that be? ohohohoho.

after the 100pm-400pm practice we had an awesome dinner at this place called hana no mai (hana as is flower and mai and in maiko). it was basically japanese cuisine and all the natives where complementing the freshness of the sashimi so you know it was good hoho. i ate a piece and i was like "yea i think this sashimi is the bomb, but you guys know better than i do so what do you think of it?" and they were like, "no youre right, this is good ass sushi." it was an awesome gathering. the kansai folks are all so jolly and they always wanna practice their english with me which is great because i get to use jp on them harharhar. i told them, "yea it's all good you guys. for all the parts you get stuck on in english just go ahead and use japanese, i gots it." then they were like, "man it's totally awesome talking to you lol - that extra mile i cant go you can understand my japanese so our bridges totally connect." and everyone was happy.

i played random elementary school girl hand games with one of the kansai guys lol. it was awesome we did it like five times today. [we did the mcDonalds one (big mac, fillet o fish, quarter pounder, french fries, icy cola, milkshake, sundaes, and apple pie... etc.)] it was tight. he totally memorized it too lol.

what else... it was raining cats and dogs never stopped raining from early morning until... now. needless to say the river next to the apartment has swelled to scary proportions. i had a daydream as i passed it this morning where a small boy fell in and his body was floating down the river. then i imagined to jump into the river hero style and pluck his body from the churning brown rapids. i felt like a hero in my mind. of course this means everytime i stare at that river i have to scan it for bodies and dive right in when i see a kid floating in it - no hesitation. not like i want to see any poor kid in there or anything.

can you believe UNIQLOwas having a sale on polo shirts for 390yen a pop? dude, the exchange rate now is 104yen for 1 dollar, so you can do the math. it was a steal!!! so i got three new polos yesterday: M&M green, mustard yellow, and sky blue. it was a S T E A L!!! happiness.

yay laundry is done.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

yay for golden week excitement.

first of all i wanna say that after youve been to vegas during new years, no other crowd really compares - though ive never been to New Delhi before.

anyway our journey was basically kyoto for 2 nights and then a day in nara. we stayed at a hostel called "kyoto cheapest inn - kyotokko" which was a charming, we're-in-the-army-now type of youth shack. one bunker had like 20 beds in it. there was a full kitchen and shower facility equipped with shampoo and body wash! it was clean and the other travelers who stayed there seemed to be polite, and generally nice people. we played DS into the wee hours of the night.

first place we hit up after arriving and checking in was nijo castle around the afternoon and then in the evening we wandered the streets of kyoto. lots of things to see and paw at along the way. dinner was okonomiyaki at one place then some stylish italian/ japanese bar-ish place called Zuzu (i think that was what it was called) afterwards. we took a nice twilight stroll home and that was day 1.

day 2 was pretty epic. we went to kinkakuji first where we tasted nearly formidable golden week masses for the first time. it was blazing hot when we set out, and pretty much the rest of the day was like that too. after kinkakuji was kiyomizu temple which had the best scenery out of all the places we went to. there were a lot of people so i didnt get to drink the water, but i got pictures of other people choosing their destiny instead hoho. after kiyomizu we shopped a bit then wandered some more, then had dinner at this nice sushi place. we finished off the night with karaoke and that was that. all around great day!

day 3 was cool too - literally. we set out for nara early and arrived right before lunch. when we got to nara it was cooler and the sky was gray. we had the most awesome kitsune udon ever. they put the udon inside the tofu thing and tie it shut with a green onion like a pouch and you have to bust it open when you eat it. it was great. we made out way through the park area where we got to interact with the famous shika (deer). boy, are those deer fat haha. those poor things are domesticated beyond the point of no return. they also looked kinda sick, but i guess that's what happens with all those people and stuff... we saw horuji and . . . todaiji!

also seeing the daibutsu in real life up in todaiji was great. i mean seeing all those other things was great too but man, after spending so many years studying about these things and seeing their glossy photos in textbooks it's just cool seeing everything in real life finally. they let you touch a lot of things so i pawed up carvings and whatnot there.

when we got out of the main temple where the daibutsu was, we found it was pouring outside. lucky i had brought trusty UCLA umbrella with me! we shopped some more, had a macha mcflurry from mcdonalds shopped even some more, then decided it was go-home time. roads were super clear. fantastic first golden week in japan =D


golden week pictures!

Kyoto + Nara 2008


oh, and i totally forgot to put up march's hanami pictures. i'll include them here.

Hanami 2008

Friday, May 2, 2008


golden week kyoto + nara adventure starts today.