Thursday, November 29, 2007

so those mediocre anime that ive been following for the hell of it have been getting better. either that or theyve just grown on me not being any better than when i first started watching. anyway it gives me a good laugh and i like to compare the characters with my own high school kids haha.

anyway its test season and the kids are stressing like no tomorrow. teachers are all cutting my lessons or canceling altogether because theyve fallen behind on their own lessons, but its all good - whatever they need to get as many points right >_> /sigh

i think i was super fair in creating my section of the test. i even spoon fed them a "omg if you guys are alive and breathing at all right now, you can get full marks on my part" review session, so if they fail hardcore on my part then its totally their bad. i even told them if they wanted me to check grammar for the written section id be happy to do it but only 2 girls came up to ask me. oh well~ but maybe they gots this whole testing thing down right? i guess ill see for myself very soon when i get down to grading.

i was looking at a bunch of WCCUSD web sites today. a teacher asked about class scheduling in america - at least where i grew up, so i went to research. i found a 2006 copy of graduation requirements, and a full list of all the courses offered in our district among all the schools at least 9-12 that is. sharing is awesome. actually telling stories from back home and extracting stories from the natives is the meat of what i do daily.

tomorrow will be a chill around day. poor kiddies and their mountains of tests - five consecutive days of examination fun.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

dancer at ten

so happy

and watching shiina's samba animation hasnt gotten old yet hoho

still gotta sub dnc and watch my thf dance in different kinds of armor =3

interesting sights at school: there was this dude who walked into the teachers room and he stopped in front of a hand wash station kind of near my desk. he gazed, primped (his perfectly styled hair lol), posed, spun around, primped, posed, and gazed again - it was so awesome to watch - it took a lot of willpower to not laugh at the sight. his buddy even came up to him and was like, "dude, who do you think you are, lol and where do you think youre at?" crazy kids.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fairaure is a south asian elvaan lol

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

if it was only just Thi Pham cosmetics!

i should order some to trick people lol

and the color names for their cosmetics are all asian names - its great

man, my name is so cool!

bay area ftw.
the good - i cant totally start practicing windmills again with all this room in my apt!

the bad - no turkey at normal jp supermarkets... not even sandwich meat.

the ugly - oil in the bay. poor bay area wildlife ;_;

Monday, November 19, 2007

i got some fresh threads today - but not at the discount store. i went to this UNIQLO place right next to EIDEN. they have clothing there that makes me think of Old Navy back at home. Quality stuff, but everything is totally made in honduras, or indonesia or china. at UNIQLO most of the items are made in china - so what we get are pretty nice new clothing at an inexpensive price. i swear all their womens winter clothing are like 1.5 times thinner than guys clothing or something... so i bought a set of fleece jammies (they call it room wear) from the dudes section and some fleece pants (room wear) from the ladies section because they didnt have this nice color of brown from the guys section... i also got a white hoodie - discount bin for the win - to make a version two white mage jacket <3 hopefully i can find a colorfast red textile this time where going through the wash wont totally ruin it all. anyway, i think im going to use garnet's design from ffix for this one, or at least do the empire waist thing like she does with the red triangles.

so you know in those random anime that have a schoolgirl all bandaged up with that crazy ass medical eye patch thing across her eye? well i saw one today in the teachers room and i was like /stare lol she had sporty hair and an "eff you all" look in her features. i swear she was cosplaying or something.

oh and i have something totally awesome to share in terms of the kind of english my kids dish out. this entertained me all day (i even made a photocopy of the original and placed it on my desk to look at when i got bored lol):

Dear Chris,
Body condition how?
Really doing the buying which is OK?
It was surprised about meeting with traffic accident, and so on.
Even though, there might were not something wrong in the life.
It was relived.
Because it goes to the present as soon as possible at the hospital.
It gets to rest sufficiently, to be early and to be fine.
Also, it telephones me if there is something.

Your friend,

win! it felt like reading auto-translate lol

[body] condition [How?]

anyway the swelling on the mosquito bite on my lip is pissing me off to no end. it burns and is getting pretty swollen. thank goodness these 3 bites on my face havent turned a blistering red color (yet?) like the one on the back of my hand. the swollen area there has the diameter of 3 inches - almost the entire surface of the back of my hand. somewhere in japan i just know theres a shrine for a mosquito deity or bug deity or something. i totally need to visit.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

yay for sunday.

my apt is so clean - it feels great.

winter is really starting to show around here. the cold wind is all blustery and stuff. im glad the second hand store is so close to home. i can get all the 500yen flannel i want! i can get 100yen scarves and gloves too at the upstairs 100yen shop - it's totally sweet.

this bastard mosquito bit me of the face today. i hate getting bites on the face... it got me on the back of my hand earlier too. and they said mosquitoes would go away when it got cold... talk about crazy jp bugs.

im looking forward to camping melon pan at the school store tomorrow. the almost all guys school told me not to come tomorrow because of a special event so im gonna chill at my base school. i guess ill go ahead and make my part of the their test + a happy study guide thing. go monday.

still happy about my clean apt!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

i was at the station the other day and i saw a girl wearing a boys uniform from my almost all boys high school fufufu. it was so cute - so baggy on her. i didnt see the dude anywhere though i suspect he was wearing his PE uniform or grease monkey suit or something. very romantic indeed.

hot milk cocoa from vending machines here are great. i can depend on all the vending machines at all my schools, and every train station i go to carry it - its awesome. i totally abuse the AAgrade green tea at my base school too haha. they do tell me to drink as much as i want... and theres just so much of it too...

the other day in english club was the best its ever gotten. i think there was major healing going on. since there were only 3rd year kids that afternoon i got them to talk about high school romance lol. lots of laughter and lots of tears. they had some real stuff to tell. there were only like 5 of us there and everyone was cool with each other so it was all good. i asked them to tell one bad story and one good story and that went well. ah~ jp school kid romance. i told them that they should open up on a regualr basis to their buddies - that it would make them feel a whole lot better on the inside. i ended up giving each of them advice about random stuff - yea it was one big therapy session. in english too! hohoho. totally doing my job.

i went to the discount store and bought some fall/winter stuff. i needed some flannel, and another sweater because it's getting quite nippy outside. it gets cold inside the apt at night too.

i got monster signa the other day. no one but me in the area and i only had to wait 30 mins =D cant wait til wings of the goddess. there had better be some nice cosplayers at the anaheim fan festival. if theres a good naja, the contest is so over hoho.

Friday, November 9, 2007

osaka tomorrow!


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

what started out as a normal cockatrice farming + NPC picnic turned out to be quite exciting =D

i decided that id go to onzozo again and hit up the cockatrice there for some good honest gil. i let the NPC tag along too - she's almost lvl 55 now hoho. anyway i was doing my thing, and she had one more kill left to quota, when out of the corner of my screen i see strange mob name and NM sirens go off in my head. every time i go to onzozo there are always some random folks camping for something, but i never researched what - i guess it was this guy hoho.

i hadnt rested for a while, and was at about 80% of my HP, but i decided to just go for it! haha.

i SA + hide the gob and start chopping away when i notice that its casting like a mofo on me. luckily i had fatty TP so i was able to chop it down pretty fast. just when its about to die, it lands a freeze on me and im like... ow - red zone 120 HP. by this time i got like 2 other gob links hacking away at my poor shadows, so i Perfect Dodge, and as soon as i finished off the NM, i slapped on my trusty trick staff and prayed to god that my eva and last shadows would pull me through. whatever spell was ticking away at my HP made me increasingly nervous as i waited out those 30 long seconds haha. the warp goes through, and im standing in whitegate with an exciting 32 HP left, and so i make a final dash into my mog house.

as soon as i load, i finally have the time to check the chat log to see my spoils of war. i got a chunk of gil, some goblin goodies, thunder IV, and something called a "Moldavite Earring" lol. i was like, "oh, i remember people talking about this thing, lol"

im not taking blm or rdm to 47 or anything anytime soon, but... go me! i'll be ready! hoho

Sunday, November 4, 2007

i had a great time in hamamatsu today.

the doujin con was a lot smaller than it was a few years ago - but it was all good. they had a lot of good artists there and i got a lot of tales, ff, and lucky star stuff hohoho. have i ever mentioned that guy cecil is my hero? we checked out a bunch of sights all around the train station too after we left the con. we even scoped out the animate! there, i got some abyss doujin - like luke x jade stuff bohahaha.

i think i'll clean and vacuum for a bit now.

i gots a chocolate cornet-eating konata sticker on my phone now, yay =3

all clean~ /dance

Saturday, November 3, 2007

osaka here i come!!

one week from now is the super cool training happy event in osaka for kay ess ess arr stuff. cant wait.

tomorrow is the hamamatsu doujinshi con thing. as fate would have it, i actually left my COR cosplay in the locker room at the last school i wore it to >< there must be something fated about me not cosplaying to a con in japan yet or something, lol. anyway ive said this before and ill say it again - id so go as naja salaheem if i could @_@

tonight is tuna onigiri happiness + gyoza. this midday i had good old tung-i ramen that got delivered from back home. it was so good... so, so good.

n00b dude is still barrel rolling like no other in kay ess ess arr. its sad cause the higher ups laughs openly at him :P

so ive been trying to chop thru valkyrie profile without any guides and so far freya tells me that the future looks grim @_@ im like halfway through chapter 2 atm... need... more... power! im debating on whether i should farm or chop thru more VP - i think ill do both at the same time!

Friday, November 2, 2007

so halloween went kind of meh-ish at the mid lvl school.

some students were initially like, "whoa!" but afterwards they refused to ask questions or talk or anything, so it was just me talking and passing around pictures + other teachers asking questions on behalf of the kiddies. talk about a tough crowd. maybe they were too shocked or embarrassed to talk to me or something i dunno. the teachers appreciated it! so it was all worth it. also i got the otaku kids to come up to me and talk. i even got invited to a con in hamamatsu this sunday. its gonna be sweet. still wondering whether i should cosplay or not, but we'll see.

the natives complain about 'the cold' a lot nowadays but this cold they speak of is so not here yet, lol. maybe theyre just trying to make conversation or something, but i seriously dont think it's as cold as they say yet. the bay gets like 4 times as cold as it is right now. i dont even have to bust out the big jackets yet.

its funny when i dress feminine - if i happen to wear a skirt, the jp women teachers all come up to me and say, "oh, you look so nice today~" and its like, "uhhh, ok. thanks..." i guess i look like total crap when i wear pants or something haha. one even came up to me and said something along the lines of, "oh! you really are a girl, arent you?" LOL

i think im going to experiment farming things i dont usually farm. im going to try sea serpent grotto for coral, castle V for ahrimans wings to see how that goes. hopefully i'll be able to take down the grotto mobs ok - ill pull out trusty NPC or something.

if not i think ive been converted to cockatrice in onzozo forever now. asides from their meat, their skin NPCs for like 600 something each and i get oodles of them.

dude the other day when i was at the post office there was this crazy woman who kind of sauntered in and went totally psycho. she took these pamphlets and binders and chucked them onto the floor screaming like a banshee. to my surprise no security guard or worker ran out to control the situation - they just stared at her and stuff and i was like, "uhhhhhh.... ?!" then after she walked out everyone just went back to their jobs like nothing had happened. maybe shes a regular or something...

at the prefecture meeting yesterday a chunk of us ate at the hard rock cafe in nagoya. it was pretty sweet. funny thing is i had been re-reading fast food nation and instead of thinking, "oh man, gross stuff" i was like, "dude i really want a burger..." so i got to satisfy my burger and fries craving that fast food nation gave me haha. BBQ bacon cheeseburger of death! it was really cute-sized though - no bigger than a normal sand dollar, and the fries serving was equally cute =3

yes, anyway - time to farm and stuff