Saturday, January 31, 2009


i totally broke the Ramuh clear time for the "Mirror Images" battle @ 3min 4sec

its been getting warmer recently. i actually wasnt freezing as i was going to bed last night lol. then, in the morning, waking up was pleasantly non-freezing - having slept for 12 hours and being a saturday morning also made it kind of nice hoho.

i told myself that i wouldnt collect any figures while in japan, but i finally gave in... cause soulEater rocks! i tried my hand at a figure box and i got tsubaki... i wanted kid tho! if i had gotten kid i totally would have stopped... maybe... but now i thirst for them all =3

so i checked the rendezvous point and it just so happens that my NPC is lvl 57. i guess ive taken her out a lot more than i remember/ realized. i think im going to do the last questy thing for her now so we can be the bestest of buddies!

Monday, January 26, 2009

happy new yearrrrrrr

hella late pix from THE PLAY!

The Funny-Faced Ogre.eng-speaking cast

jp-speaking casteveryone together + the miracle workers of backstage
i look like a blimp, i know. least flattering pose ever + ninja flats, spandex pants, borrowed oversize black shirt... AND my hair is crap... this was a few days before my usually scheduled haircut time. this is picture basically represents me the most stressed ive ever been perhaps in my young adult life.


im suddenly reminded of the DEKARUCHA~ (macross frontier) decal i got at Comiket 74... the way that the sum of all emotions and strenuous experiences are so under-represented in a single non-telling inanimate object... is so... it just makes me wanna laugh and cry at the same time lol.

i was way too tired and kinda 'whatEva' about everything the day of the play to make a good photoshoot out of the characters. such a waste though... i guess i shouldnt feel that way though because all of us backstage folks were seriously way too busy and pressed to be even thinking about a silly photoshoot. actually those pictures were taken in a ruch too cause those freaking culture hall Nazis were all breathing down our necks telling us to GTFO every 5 minutes. eff em both - nasty old bastards. they can burn in hell. lol.

im recalling too much emotion now and not enough plain 'stuff' so imma just stop.

anyway. happy new year. i think from now on i can get back into my regular posting groove.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a non-chronologically ordered account of stuff that happened this winter PART1

they did it for the lolz



love it

nature and stuff

best wording ever






taipei 101 doing what it does the best

lotus of epic proportion

one of the branches of the famed dintaifon

national palace museum genkan area

dinner of greatness before departure

Monday, January 12, 2009


proxy update til i do a real one of everything that happened regarding play + trip to taiwan etc lol


juiced about those treasure casket things! makes farming + being thf exciting again kekeke.

also excited about this summer/ next cosplay season's Soul Eater theme - not sure who i wanna be yet, but all the characters rock so im pretty much willing to be anyone lol.

uhhh... midyear seminar for jps and englishers next week... bleh.

it was snowing today~ nothing piled up, but whatever moisture was in the air, you could see flakes buzzing around but melting when they hit the ground etc.

got drk to 37!