Saturday, May 17, 2008

wow the seasons here are seriously like harvest moon, i swear. you wake up one day and 'bam!' it's totally the next season - no transition lol. i saw a cockroach scuttle across my floor just now, but my first reaction wasnt, 'zomg ROACH!!!' but 'wow it really is summertime now isnt it?' they came out to play with their best friends, the mosquitoes. totally not looking forward to the scars. the ones i got from last summer havent even completely faded yet. theres this one i got on my leg yesterday that's swollen up nicely - very uncool.

we did tasuki-dori today among other cool stuff.

the evening is quite nice. actually today was a nice day all around, though it is beginning to get a little bit too warm for my tastes.

comiket hype! still havent decided on my costume yet, but i'm leaning towards arche from tales of phantasia. i would like to do something that's low maintenance yet still has an impressive presence. the thing with arche is i'll have to do the crazy pink wig thing and that is soooo not low maintenance. everything else should be summer-ok for me as long as i choose the right fabric. i could very well go for something completely different though - i guess the resolve will just come to me when it does.

i think its vegetable curry time + chicken nuggets!

can you believe i made 100k npc-ing dhalmel drops last week? i felt like the laziest thf ever - i just kept on running back and forth between buburimu and mhaura. it was 100% mindless too because i farmed only while i was eating dinner.


jnutley said...

Have you been to a Comikit before? How do they compare to AX?

You SO have to post pics when your costume is ready!

jnutley said...
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Thanh said...

You should just go mining and get smithing in the 20s then you can farm armored gobs for mail and helmets and make iron/steel.

Or get choco digging up and make 50k+ in 15-20 minutes lol.

Stephen said...

So when is this Comikit again?
I was just looking at pictures from AX and it made me really sad that we can't go this year.

P.S. I fount the first Pinky pictures in 2005

neoPootling said...

it'll be my first comiket hehe

neoPootling said...

oh yea and Comiket 74 -- Aug 15-17, 2008

neoPootling said...

and they had better not change the gasshuku sched. ;_;