Monday, June 16, 2008

so how can you NOT catch this? it's pokemon seafood ramen by sapporo ichiBan. i found it in the discount bin with a 68 yen price tag on it and didnt even think twice before plopping it in my basket. now i can sing the (US) pokemon theme song while eating it at work.

disappointment for the day: this anti-mosquito device (katori ki) they put on my desk at school totally failed me. for the past two weeks it's been giving me peace of mind leading me to believe i was shielded within this almighty force field, when actually i probably was much mosquito food as the rest of the poor teachers in the staff room. basically the katori ki i was given is this palm-sized honeycomb-like plastic device with a battery-operated fan that blows some chemical from off the honeycomb thing and into the air around you. the chemical supposedly wards off mosquitoes.

anyway, as i was pouring over papers i feel this sting at my ankle and by the time i look down, theres this fatty mosquito making a meal of me. so i swat (to kill) at ms mosquito but she dismounts and kinda hovers about the air around me. next, the scientist in me became really curious about the katori ki that totally just failed to protect me, so i picked it up and held it up to the engorged mosquito, like one would hold up a garland of garlic cloves to a vampire, to see if indeed it would buzz away or better yet fall out of the air and roll over on its back in the classic death pose as advertised on the box. to my disappointment, ms mosquito just buzzed about the katori ki like it wasnt even there, high off my blood stolen obviously. it even parked mockingly on the katori ki itself. my experiment over, i put down my toy of a katori ki, whammed the mosquito and ground its body into a bloody paste between my bare hands. yay retribution, lol.

on a lighter note, i made myself this refreshing tuna + celery + pasta + rice dish flavored with an S&B curry sauce cube.

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