Saturday, January 31, 2009

its been getting warmer recently. i actually wasnt freezing as i was going to bed last night lol. then, in the morning, waking up was pleasantly non-freezing - having slept for 12 hours and being a saturday morning also made it kind of nice hoho.

i told myself that i wouldnt collect any figures while in japan, but i finally gave in... cause soulEater rocks! i tried my hand at a figure box and i got tsubaki... i wanted kid tho! if i had gotten kid i totally would have stopped... maybe... but now i thirst for them all =3

so i checked the rendezvous point and it just so happens that my NPC is lvl 57. i guess ive taken her out a lot more than i remember/ realized. i think im going to do the last questy thing for her now so we can be the bestest of buddies!

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