Monday, February 2, 2009

holy crud.

so i was just spacing out before bed - lights off, covers pulled over me and everything - when an old ass song came floating into my mind - like more than 10 years ago since ive heard this song, yea? and it just kinda hits me for apparently no reason at all as im about to zzz - 'give me' by buffy lolz

so here i am on this crazy 80s-90s freestyle music rush seeing what turns up on youtube lol, and they got some fatty beats, yo! exactly how i remembered, too.

the sensation is how a 13 year old might feel... riding in the backseat of her high school junior of an unofficial cousin's car, who is only a high school junior herself... but it's 830 on a friday night and someone's mom was cool enough to loan out the keys to her used BMW... and everyone is juiced. cause tonight is a sailor moon marathon! and when the sun rises, there's timon and pumba on saturday morning cartoons~ but for now, let's just groove to the buffy + jocelyn + TLC mix tape that's blasting on the stereo as we're weaving thru the traffic.


oh baby, hahaha.

straight to the iPod.

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