Thursday, July 22, 2010

party, party, party

moving, boxes, garbage bags

cosplay workshop running in the background

katara is looking pretty good for being so rushed and ill-conceived @ 80% completion. best part is, i'm cosplay ready with all my flubbb gone =D

english clubs are trudging along quite slowly lol we're doing voice recording today -_-!

my student got scooped up nice and good by her hosts~ day one for her begins... 10 hours ago hehe

so glad to have stopped wearing makeup! yes! i also stopped sleeping with mosquito poison on (got bit a few times as a trade-off) but the combined result is that my facial skin condition is getting loads better!

brother moved shiina to windy so i can actually use her now - thank goodness. sad i have like no time to get 3 merits, much less grind up to lvl 80 though

justin's church people graciously took away couch, armchair, several shelves, a folding table and clothing rack, so in terms of furniture, all i have left are 3 cheap plastic + particleboard cabinets and the kotatsu (using that to finish sewing)

kind of kicking myself because i've sleeping in on every garbage day cause ive gotten totally wasted in some sayonara party or another the night before lol. next monday and thursday will be massive dump days haha.

it's been SO HOT these past few days. to think that we'll be flying into okinawa (way more hot) and then hong kong (even hotter than okinawa) just boggles my mind.

ok time to go to the recording session lol

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