Wednesday, April 16, 2008

so yesterday was a beautiful day. i dont think ive experienced a more enjoyable day weather-wise than yesterday in a really long time. i decided to take a walk around town from the late afternoon until well past sundown and it was quite refreshing. when i had crossed a street i hear a yell from the other side behind me, "harooooo~!" they totally were my kidssssss =D -because i had been walking along right, and a bunch of black uniformed boys zoomed by on their bikes (didnt look into their faces and it was dark so thats why i was kind of oblivious). it made me happy because they shouted from across the street to say hello to me. yay.

i ate a chocolate cornette that i bought from a store in the station yesterday. i also got a mini pizza guy - both of which i ate as i was on my evening stroll outside. the good thing about the pizza was the smell and the taste, wow. the aroma was of authentic american-ness (was gonna say Italian-ness but the pizza i know and like is all american lol) and the taste was spot on as well. it was a great find. the jewel of week perhaps haha. no wait - my real jewel of the week is my lint brush. ive been combing all the strip malls and 100yen stores forever to find one (the paddle cloth kind, not the sticky roller kind) and finally found one yesterday at the 100yen store i frequent. ive never been so happy removing bits of lint of my dark clothing haha.

english club was today !with new ichinensei! there is a whole slew of boys which is totally awesome. now the genders are almost completely balanced! second year girls plus first year boys. huuhuu~ it's going to be a fun year. i need to get the boys to keep coming but at this point i dont think thatll be a problem - they all seem interested and jolly.

tonight is indian food night. im excited.

ah one more exciting event to recall: this morning while i was biking to school, i had to pause at a red light and noticed a proper entourage of scruffy looking young men escorting a bigBoss type person to a beautiful getaway vehicle and was like, 'omg these are the yakuza dudes people have been telling me about." this is no joke by the way haha. outside of my apt on the other side of the supermarket theres this mini residential/ business complex right on the corner. outside theres all these cameras fixed to the walls pointing at ever wing and corridor of the building. every now and then there will be some tough-looking dude outside having a smoke, or tough-looking guys washing cars. these guys are always washing cars haha. anyway i saw the entourage and i was like, "omg yakuza in the flesh!" and it was just like a tv drama. the big boss dude came out all slick-looking and in his wake were like 10 dudes repeating "have a nice trip!" nice ass car doors open, bigBoss guy gets in, doors close and then one of the cronies runs out to the street to stop traffic haha. then the nice clean car with mr bigBoss inside rolls out all easy-like haha. all the while the 10 or so random dudes keep repeating "have a nice trip!" they even did the stereotypical yakuza bow thing with their hands in their thighs elbows and knees bent while bowing lol. it was a real treat.

when i got to school i asked my teacher buddy if she knew that groups name but she was like, "yea i know those guys but... i dont know their name" then she said, "yea they use the valor parking lot at night and stuff so steer clear at night because its dangeroussssss... maybe steer clear all day too..." haha.


jnutley said...

Please do be careful!

A few weeks ago I was driving home just after sunset and a cloud over the ocean was reflecting the sun. It looked like a road of light, I was tempted to go to the beach and watch while it faded. It would have been sweet to actually travel on it!

Got to get out of work and walk around SoCal more often!

Anonymous said...

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