Thursday, October 2, 2008

man i wanna progress in jeanne d'arc so bad... but im... situationaly... unable to. arg...

oh, the frustration.

how could you fail me, psp-chan? i believed in you. i treated you right. you were the water in my fountain... the cheese on my nachos... the butter on my popcorn... and now, youre only worth slightly more than a brick.


well who knows. maybe you'll wake up one morning and decide to return to your former vigor and glory. but maybe im being too judgemental. when i think about it at a different angle, you actually have become... almost human. it's not that youre broken, you just have a will of your own. you can say, "darn it. i do NOT want to play with you right now." and you can crap out your screen right then and there. but if you feel like, and ONLY if you feel like, you can say, "yknow what, i'm allowing YOU to play with ME, gosh darn it. youre in my house now. you follow my rules." then you'll put on quite a show, produce all the pretty images youre able to, and take it all away from me when im enjoying it the most.

such a cruel thing you became.

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