Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tokyo Game Show 2008

outside the con on the second open-to-the-public day, cause it was pouring rain the day before.

the sign within the building!

the masses.

more of the masses.

at the sqex sector.

little big planet~

there are supposed to be hot girlies on stage lol.

atmospheric gaming.

our hostel <3

my box.


so - instead of writing lots and lots, ive decided to compose a less than charming poem to describe my time at TGS08

night train was a pain
wasnt my choice to boot you, old lady
rockin our DS' as the car be rockin
totally in the humidity's heat, totally couldnt sleep

five hours to kill, oh so very sleepy still
i feel so dirty
youre not helping old dude, put your freaking pants back on
coffee? sure, why not? i rarely drink coffee.

finally at the convention site, swim through the crowds with all our might
damn it's sure coming down
f0k! i left my umbrella in the locker
ten dollar ticket, aint no way i was gonna miss it

hunting for free stuff, with so many people giving so much away, it wont be all that tough
damn girl, get your 59cm waist a sandwich
in this country, peoples' lack of dental self-consciousness still boggles my mind
so much to see as i wade through the sea

spoils of war, how much more can i score?
let's jump to the evening
so freaking tired
hey there be ninjas on all the walls, nice pick leader dude, good call... lol...

second day of gaming delight, waiting in line playing our DS lite
is it just me or are there more people?
we gotta rush for the sqex private screening line!
that dude in front of us has a mini chair. what a good idea... let's all stare.

we're finally in, hurry! dont get caught in the crowd's mad flurry!
oh snap where the hell did fearless leader go?!
omg, theyre letting people in! omg do we run or wait for fearless leader?!
10 seconds pass, 20 seconds pass, 40 seconds pass

shit, the people who were letting people in just quit
totally could have caught the showing
oh well, didnt want other buddies to get pissed
again off we go, it dont matter there's still a lot more to the show.

gotta reel in as much free stuff as possible! team USA is unstoppable!
cooking mama for the wii is hella fun
level 5 makes some good ass stuff
little big planet was oodles of fun, i chose my chara to be the afro bling bling one

only half an hour remains, whats gonna be my last game?
damnit the line for shirokishi monogatari is 90+ minutes
yay street fighter iv~ i got a pin set for playing~
worthless story really was a worthless story

dropped by the restroom, then to the sega's show finale did we zoom
who ARE you random white dude?
the crowd knows the words to your english song, wow.
you sing pretty well through and through but, who the hell ARE you?

happy new year, the wrap-it-up song fills my ears
one last group picture in front of the big sign
dont mind us americans here, sorry to trouble everyone.
ah, that was fun and excitement, now for an evening feast to wind down our excitement

ueno it is, everyone here is still wearing CoolBiz...
friendly kaiten sushi place
OMG they put hella wasabi in this kappaMaki
browsing through the otaku shops we see homeless folks who aint got no tops

back to the ninja hostel we go, lovely memories about tokyo game show
we still got all tomorrow to relax and spend in akiba
good thing i took out a G for this trip
dozing off in my cell, im glad these 'rooms' have doors cause when people snore no one can tell!

hello tall building all sparkly and clean, tall fortress up in akiba ive never seen o_0!
that monday holiday morning felt like christmas
hit up my usual favorite stores
way to end the day, at a maid cafe!

i think ill get omiyage at the shink platform, though this tasty little thing im eyeing has me torn
hooray we got seats together
lol we're hella loud DSing
locals give us the evil eye, but really they should give gaming a try

back at home, time to chillax alone
into the washing machine you go clothes
gotta go to work tomorrow... oh well it's my base school anyway... and i have no lessons!
flames of moe encited me to beat ffxii finally

con report way overdue, and wow how time flew
got pictures and some info
i hope thats enough
i give this con a 8/10 and with that my report is written.


Thanh said...


Thanh said...

wait, I just realized something. Is that box your hostel bed? lol

at first I though it was just a luggage cubby hole hahaha

neoPootling said...

lol no that cubby thing was my ROOM.

Thanh said...

and steve fit in one of those things?

neoPootling said...

steve didnt stay in the hostel with us

neoPootling said...

but those suckers were pretty lofty.