Tuesday, November 4, 2008

beat jeanne d'arc the other day ^^

and gilles rocks man. though i do think the spear skill, 'sweep' is way too powerful lol.

anyway, i went back to legend of heroes III. it's cute.

halloween party was nice-ish. wore my ranka lee cos to that. day after halloween was random party which was totally off the hook, like until 5am kinda stuff. then the day after that was a late night movie event thing. i was pretty beat on monday which happened to be a holiday, so i did some cleaning and then slept like all day.

today was a rather refreshing day at spicy chicken school. lessons went well. kiddies were extra nice. went home at 400pm on the dot hehe.

it was a beautiful day. perfect autumn groove. blue sky sprinkled with friendly far-away wispy white clouds, californian-like golden sunlight beaming through the trees set ablaze in hues of red orange yellow and brown, and a light sweater is all you need to keep comfortable against the chill.

i got a new bottle of contact solution today. not a new new bottle/ brand or anything, i just got... some more... cause i ran out. yes.

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