Saturday, November 8, 2008

/rant on

so i was complaining about womens fashion here yet again just recently... which made me go and browse through mainstream young peoples online clothing stores a few mins ago... actually im looking at the time now and realizing that ive spent a whole hour online window shopping


anyway my students, teachers, and other locals have all boasted that fall is the best season of all for many reasons. i'll focus on the "because its got the best fashion in the whole year" reason, cause this is so far from the truth it hurts.

after hearing so many of my kiddies gush on how great the shopping is this season, i went around after school ever other day lasat week to window shop and see for myself what the hype is all about. what i found was... nothing all that exciting and dazzling, really (not to my surprise at all) we got fleecy, curry outterwear + a smattering of lace in random places, we got colored tights, we got ruffly things and things that sparkle in random places, knitted one-pieces with a) that mysterious cardigan style double pocket thing going on or b) an equally mysterious gathered-at-the-bust-so-it-looks-like-a-huge-bow thing going on. what else... enamel heeled shoes, enamel heeled semi-boot things (like Tear's shoes from tales of the abyss - i SWEAR thats how those horrid things came into fashion), and faux fur totes and messenger bags.

other styles that never go out of season in this counrty (EVER!!) include: short ass A4-sized skirts or shorts + knee high tight-fitting high-heeled boots, the layered vest+graphic tee look, )or the layered short sleeve over long sleeve look), the skinny jean, [also the colored skinny jean - became popular when colored tights got hot (it was only natural lol)]. funky radioactive cheap plastic chinese hair accessories never die as well... as opposed to the sparky korean costume/ special occasion hair accessories which are actually not so bad. also, if you look like a total slut that's always in fashion too. and im actually dead serious about that, haha.


maybe im a fashion prude lol, or highly conservative or something... but that would mean i would kinda enjoy the flavor of EU clothes... and i dont... especially H&M... even their online site blows. worst layout ever. and their 3D sucks. i could have done better with Animation Master... WHILE i was still in high school.

i think im done hating now haha.

wait, that was kinda one-sided... i feel like i gotta mention at least one clothing-related thing in this country that i do like - and thats UNIQLO. THEY kick ass. theyre the only ones here who get it, and thats why theyre no.1 in the corporate game hehe. maybe i'll go there after breakfast tomorrow and look around.


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Thanh said...

lol I went to an H&M once with some chicks. I was like, "Where's the men's fashion?" and the worker dude pointed to this corner. I swear, there's no difference between men's and ladies haha. Those jeans were so damn skinny and the crotch was riding hella high haha. I was like, dude, they're selling men women's jeans!