Thursday, May 14, 2009

mini euro trip, golden week 2009

it stands.

it stands.

it stands.





the eiffel tower can never look as scary as taipei 101
the Arc de Triomphe

Jeanne d'Arc-san!

Mr. Kurowa-san and Mr. Furansu-pan!

these little escargot dudes were pretty good.

mediocre veal. the sauce was the best, though

what the hell does this sign mean?

eiffel tower

musee du louvre 3

musee du louvre 2

musee du louvre 1

ice cream

building near notre dame cathedral

notre dame cathedral skittles windows

notre dame cathedral outside


fillet 'poultry'

french onion soup

paris nord station


it's platform nine and three quarters!


vivienne westwood in the flesh at some market we went to lol

modest sign of friend's dorm building

cutest tulip ever =D

we saw politicians get their debating on here

i thought it looked iconically english so i took a picture of it

thames is bubonically delicious

where Ben does his thing


the good: seeing the sights with buddies
the bad: pretty cold, windy and rainy
the ugly: paris is sooooooooo DIRTY OMG!

10 other thigs of note:
> women are made of 80% legs up in europe i swear
> london women are hella bitchy
> people let the rage get to them too easily
> flats are in like all the time
> euro countryside rocks
> shinkansen can kick eurostar's ass any day
> racial discrimination runs rampant... like hardcore
> britain isnt as much a smokers world as japan
> i still cant get over seeing + hearing asian people speak british english
> (work) ethic (can I have it?) maybe its the discrimination...

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