Monday, May 18, 2009

random thoughts as of late -

managed to get holyknight back again for the nth time yesterday

kisala reminds me of feena, thats who! been trying to match her with some echo of a character in my head these past months but couldnt place my finger on exactly who til i began to cruise around cosplay sites and i was like OMG! (rogue galaxy kisala and grandia feena if anyone is bored enough to google it lol)

bicycle was the RIGHT choice today>

>so i had gone to my eastern school, was plowing through my kiddies' speech rough drafts during first period-ish when i get this call from my teacher buddy at my western school which was when i was like DAMN it, remembering that mondays = west side this month arg... so instead of taking the bus out there which i usually do, i only had like 40 mins to get there, so all the time it would have taken me to ride to station bike park >> walk to station >> wait for bus >> ride bus >> get off at hospital >> walk to school would have surely taken me at least an hour i decided to bike it all the way across the city lol -- east to west! got there with 5 mins to spare before my lesson lol. eveyone happy, no one harmed.

on top of all this, when i reach in my bag to grab my coins for a vending machine drink i notice that i had totally forgotten all my money bags etc at home, so had i tried to catch that bus id have been totally screwed [i learned today that if you forget to pay, you can just leave your info, maybe some collateral, promise to pay your fare at the main bus depot later and they'll just let you go, trusting your word - how awesome is that? also, you can borrow money, like chump change for transportation fare, from the police station! amazing.]

have i mentioned it's mosquito season yet? i got all kinds of frontlines against the enemy now: sprays, creams, glade plug-in style repellents, smoke coil style repellents, and other DEETeriffic goods. and theyre great too - the other day i saw a mosquito approaching out of the corner of my eye, but when i came within swatting distance it started flying all retarded-like and literally dropped dead to the floor. most epic bug death ive seen in a while haha. anyway this is like WWIII for me against them critters.

ive been thinking more about how life is going to be back in the states as of late. but it's not because these ideas are just mysteriously floating into my head, it's more like teachers are all asking me what i'm going to be doing when i get back and i cant really give them like a cookie-cutter answer. it's kind of like that feeling back in undergrad days, nigh onto graduation when everyone is asking you what youre gonna do afterwards and you just want them to stfu. worst conversation starter, ever. it's almost as bad as "so, i see you have a degree in XYZ... what are you going to do with that?" : "so, you got a pretty ugly face there... what are you going to do with that?" might as well, right?



cute cat vids on youtube had to cleanse my evil thoughts just now lol ...

which reminds me! shinjuku incident - that jackie chan movie, should totally be next diploma party movie haha

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