Sunday, July 27, 2008

too much poison is never enough.

i thought that my mosquito smoke coil would be enough to protect me while cooking after having taken a shower and so washing off my morning layer of mosquito repellent off my body... but it wasnt lol.

i swear it's a year-round battle.

i got 3 on my legs yesterday. the one behind my left thigh has swollen up pretty bad. it looks like someone implanted a tennis ball under my skin... maybe that's exaggerating a little... so let's say golf ball instead. but the area of swollen skin is way more than the diameter of a tennis ball. im glad there arent any trips to the beach anytime soon...

i got rank 7 today! the feeling of progress i got was phenomenal haha. maybe more than progress, i felt non-lazy i guess?

macross F cosplay is at a standstill until those wigs come in and until i find those ties.

on the lighter side of things, i made some somen okonomiyaki with pork taste just now for dinner - yay.

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