Thursday, July 24, 2008

wow - why have solid colored neckties become the rarest thing ever? ive been scouring all the malls, 100yen stores, department stores, designer stores, etc in my town and solid color ties (besides black and white) are nowhere to be seen.

so i went to hamamatsu today to take a look over there. after running around on ground level stores and 'commoner' high rise shopping malls, i decided to try my luck at the high brand name building just for the heck of it. i saw a tie that i needed in like... Burberry lol... and Hugo Boss...

if i cant find these ties come first week of august im either going to have to go with original idea of hand dyeing white ties (but im scared the color is gonna bleed off onto the shirts ;_;) or making ghetto ties from scratch (dont wanna do this cause... i want the ties to look good and authentic, damnit haha - cant have the wind blowing the ties and everyone see the ghetto behind part...).

anyway on my afternoon scouring malls, i wandered into toys R us and saw this totally awesome dollhouse. it was a Sylvanian doll house, which is european in origin? but is super popular here i guess cause you got the whole Redwall-esque thing going on with personified animals and such. anyway theyre the perfect size for my pinky street girls! and i really really wanted at least the smaller house ;_; it would have looked so cool ;_; my desk would be the most extreme one in the teacher's room kekeke. arg - i couldnt believe how perfect it would have been... and hey, the smallest one was only like 4000yen or so for something the size of... i dunno 2 japanese rice cookers stacked onto one another? totally buying it when i get back to the states! i hope they sell em at the toys R us back at home too... and speaking about pinkies, i saw sanrio ones at the animate in hamamatsu. kuromi and my melody cosplay girls =D but i didnt get them >_>

as a matter of fact i was going to go home empty-handed but felt like since i had made the trip to hamamatsu i should at least buy something, so i did! there was a sale sale sale at the top of high name brand building so i got some super discount clothing yay.

im going to go to nagoya tomorrow after school to try to find those ties @_@ and plus it'll give me another excuse to window shop haha.

chicken nugget udon tonight lol

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