Wednesday, August 27, 2008


we got on a 716am kodama from toyohashi and was able to sit down to a literally last-minute lunch at the shinbuden at 1159am.

friday >> practice was... nice i guess? not as hardcore as i or anyone else (team USA) was expecting. no major injuries, everything was executed on time. the study session was talk about the gods. no BBQ, no legalized drinking in the shinbuden... which made everyone all closed up and stuff. no smiles anywhere - i kid not. no mosquito bites yay! =D

all girls locker room talk and girls dormitory talk that you think only exists in anime and manga totally is real hahaHA. it's so cute when you hear college girls talk about boys in the way you and your girlfriends talked about boys in uh middle school lol.
"so he turned his head around as he was backing up his car, and and and i was sitting in the seat right behind him and our eyes met, and and and..." /squeal
"i like a kind guy who goes at my pace" /squeal

lol one of the girls was complaining that her guy took her on a lame date, so we were like 'tell us tell us' and she was like, "nnnnnnnnnnnnn well he was driving and we were talking and before i knew it we were in front of a book store. then then then, we went in together and got like a bunch of manga and i thought we were gonna proceed with our date after leaving the store, but in the car he was totally driving back home and i didnt want to say anything, so we got home and then he was like, "come inside!" so i couldnt say i wanted to do something more because he was so excited so we went in and we spend the rest of the day inside reading manga together ;_;"

then i was like, "dude thats a quality date!" then one group of girls were hella laughing at me >_> but the other group was like, "oh yes oh yes! very love love! together reading! he must have been holding you at the same time right?!" and she was like, "well yea, but..." and everyone was all teasing her and acting out the situation and stuff lol.

saturday >> more normal-paced practice. schedules were really in the pocket. enbu was very interesting to watch. saturday night was very... exciting LOL. mister Headmaster is a very amusing drunk. and there are just some things you cant unsay - things you cant unhear.
/hand entends forward from body and clutches the air, balling hand slowly into a fist.
i cant quote from mister Headmaster, but i can quote from another dude!
"gomen nasai" /vomit in wash trough
illegal drinking? highly possible~ huhuhu~
no mosquito bites this day either! =D

girls shower room talk is also very surprisingly accurate to anime and manga. they really WILL compare breasts 0_o! no one is left out of the magic circle in a shower room either. not even in the corner lol. >_> so there's this one girl who has a normal asian body rite, but like her boobs are outta control - you wonder where she hides it during practice. but theyre massive - and she was all jumbling them with her hands in the shower and stuff - it was nuts! 0_o! and it looked exactly like this style of Amazing Nurse Nanako. lol, google it real fast and you'll see what i mean if you dont know what the nanako style is lol. anyway. i kid not. they really were shaped like that.

sunday >> beginning to feel tired and more and more dirty from putting on a sweat drenched judogi ;_; but i was still healthy and got in good practice and actually a lot of praise from the higher ups i worked out with /tailSwish ^^ the enbu was nice to watch again. one of the members had this fatty camera that sounded like something outta Speed Grapher hahaha. it made the enbu more epic because people were being thrown around and right before the landing and rolling youd hear these camera shutter sounds haha. felt like a fashion show hehe. the rag-upon-ground floor cleaning race was amusing as ever hehe. then at the shrine i got this cute jangly charm bell thing for 'good luck.' i just got it because it was pink hehe.

we said our thank yous, goodbyes, walked to the train station, and that was that... sorta =3

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