Monday, August 11, 2008

so i totally effed up this dye job for my Luca tie


it was originally this radioactive lime green color, so i was trying to dye it a darker shade of green. i took a green posca marker (which i thought was a permanent opaque paint marker through previous usage) diluted it in some water, and set the tie in to suck up the green paint mixture. it coated the tie in a beautifully uniform shade of hunter green so i was like sweet, that was easy, all i gots to do is let it dry! so i set it outside and went back to work on other stuff. about 2 hours later i checked on the tie again and what had happened was the coloring kind of separated and settled i guess? so there were darker pools of green everywhere and it was all splotchy and i was like CRAP. so i did a second dyeing and this time i concentrated the paint a bit more. after applying it on, it seemed to do the trick, but if i let it air dry again i knew it was going to splotch, so i took out my hair dryer and stood there blasting it for like 5 minutes. after most of the dampness went away, i let it set again and went back to other stuff. i checked it after like 30 mins and you could kinda still see where the different concentrations of colors were. anyway, i washed away the excess paint, and now it's hanging up to dry outside. in between this operation i was thinking that since the dye job was pretty much a fail, id try my hand at making it out of the green satin i thought i wouldnt have to use >_> another 1.5 hours later... handmade tie complete! this time i (somewhat) followed proper instructions, so it came out looking pretty alright. if i actually had some wool, or some other kind of cushy fabric to put into the tie, it would have been pretty good looking, but since i didnt, it's all flimsy and stuff, but it presents the look i want just fine, so whatever.

ranka only took me like... 6 hours to finish, which was kind of surprising. i thought id really be pushing my time this summer (like all summers) with cosplay, but these costumes are soooo done. lol.

anyway, my cosplay statuses as of today:

Ranka Lee @ 90%
minus wig (needs to get here so i can style it! XD), minus boots
Luca Angeloni @ 95%
minus wig (cause i decided its gonna really eff up my hair if i bleach it blonde just to dye it strawberry, and then i'll have to dye it to a normal color after the con cause of school and that'll be a pain in the ass)
Alto Saotome @ 90%
minus wig, minus red hair cord thing, minus protective charm/ necklace thing, minus pants
Mihaeru Buran @ 90%
minus wig, minus glasses, minus pants

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