Wednesday, August 27, 2008


i went to osaka a while back for a mini training camp thing, but never got to really wander the streets. i didnt even get to eat takoyaki ;_; but a few days ago i did! =D it was blazing, but we chowed down on some nice takoyaki and parfait =D we were wandering through several shopping malls and game centers, all around entertainment shops, gay towns, etc. haha.

at the end of the day we went to eat at this fatty steak house. the meal was divine~~~ =D and it also was officially the most expensive meal ive ever paid for myself in my life. >> 4800yen... oh wait i paid $45 at the wynn buffet, which is almost the same. anyway, the meal was cash money, but it was worth it.


my teacher buddies are the crazy lol. their conversation with brother always goes something like:
"so how long are you staying?"
'2 weeks'
"oh thats great. where have you been to so far"
'tokyo, osaka, nagoya..."
"ah nice vacation. DO YOU LIKE SHOCHU!?!?!?!?"
and they get all enthusiastic suddenly and stuff lollollol. this is SUCH an alcoholic country.

i know it's old, but passing by the actual shinbashi station, you cant NOT think about this lol.


ive really been missing my pink stallion these several days. ive had to walk cause there was no bike for brother to use too. but yea, SO. MUCH. WALKING. and id always be thinking - darn it, itd be totally sweet right now if i could ride my bicycle. especially when walking down a big ass hill haha. other than electronics, pink stallion is hands down the best investment ive made out of everything else ive purchased in japan haha. i'll be happy to ride it to school tomorrow. then, it shall take me 13 minutes and not 30 minutes to arrive at school.

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