Wednesday, September 24, 2008

curses. forgot to make a post about the "Storm" event at my base school while i had all this energy to talk about it lol. anyway, to put it in a nutshell, imagine martial arts cinema from the 80s, with rows and rows of topless dudes wearing thin white cotton drawstring pants (kinda like judo pants) and a streaming white hachimaki (like epic in length - went down to their ass).these are the freshman boys of the school. oh yeah, theyre barefoot too, but some of them have epic white tape on their feet! then they start bellowing and hooting and hollering in the most masculine manner they can. for the next hour they prance around a huge bonfire singing folk songs in unison. you get this frat boy kinda vibe from the whole thing, except it feels much more structured and really militaristic. then you got the higher-ups (upperclassmen) who are dressed in the same style as the freshmen, except theyre wearing red hachimaki that go all the way down to the floor. theyre the ones who stand on a platform and beat the huge drum. you also got higher ups walking up and down the ranks as the freshman sing and prance around, bullying them (verbally) into order.

remember the matix reloaded? was that the 3rd one? anyway i was immediately reminded of the scene where theyre all underground dancing in slow motion all orgy-porgy-like... minus the heterosexual grining and techno music.

the freshman were in constant motion around that blazing fire. i think the point was to work up a good sweat while losing your voice as your feet bleed beneath you and fire embers singe your skin and all that... cause thats good manly fun!

the event ended with a rather impressive fireworks display. afterwards i trolled around for a few minutes to see this famed 'girls giving out refreshing drinks to their favorite guy' custom, and i gotta say, if you werent looking for it, it would have been almost impossible to catch haha. those kids were super covert ops about it. like hiding pet bottles up their sleeves and dealing them out shuriken style! crazy kids.

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