Saturday, September 27, 2008

have i gushed about gurren lagann yet?

everyone should watch it! it's a funky fresh adventure that everyone should watch! did i mention that you guys should watch it? even if youre not into mecha anime, the story is pretty far out, so get ready to be entertained. i think that's all i'll say tho hehe... so watch it.

on a totally different note, my dude that i coached last year for the speech contest got 2nd prize this year! needless to say, i was beyond proud. i still remember the look on his face when he clutched his dinky participation certificate and told me, "i will... win next year... for sure!" and this year he got himself the fatty certificate and shiny plaque ^^ him and the number one kid get to go to the prefectural semi-finals in a month or so. then if they do well there, they go to nationals.

total excitement.

playing the jeanne d'arc psp game at the moment and it's actually quite captivating... gonna get back to it now, lol.

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