Friday, July 24, 2009

arg, i think ive misplaced my mini sd card adapter... and i ALWAYS keep track of my technology... i mean im really organized with my stuff in general, but even moreso with my electronics... so it's pretty frustrating...


anyway i think Black Star is officially the first costume ive made in which duct tape plays such an integral part lol. the costume itself is like... 90% finished. i just need to style the wig, and do those shoe cover things.

medusa is pretty much done too. (did i mention that in a previous post?) anyway i just need to style her wig too. i got the pumpkin bloomers a.k.a. granda underwear today at shimamura; that place is like my favorite store ever.

on a different note, i went and finally got a nice bag for my bokuto and shinai - on sale for 1480yen at a local fishing shop yay~ man so cheap for such a good quality product. and it says "EXCITING FISHING by Gett" on it lol.

oh and The Fray's cover of Heartless is so good (*^-^*)

darn i gotta find that mini sd card adapter or it's gonna bug me forever.


most excellent. hella found it.

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Thanh said...

I'll have to buy one of those fishing bags for Angus. His is totally falling apart lol