Tuesday, July 28, 2009

so it's been a while since i've made a post from school. it's just that i haven't much to do here really lol... i logged into old LS site after a season to find more farewell threads from people. usually id feel kinda sad, except i'm gaming from the other side of the world and i only really catch old buddies when it's their morning time and they're about to go to work and stuff. also, the cool ones are on facebook anyway so it's all good. online social networking has come such a long way haha.

what to report... hmm... i've been taking my time finishing up black star, which i 99%~ed last night. the last thing i need to do is style the wig today after i get back. that goes with medusa's wig too, and with that, i'll be set with comiket 76's cosplay =D

i'm kind of in the danger zone atm because it's usually around this time where i see myself having all this time and i rocket off into some spur-of-the-moment extra cosplay project just for the hell of it. 2006 was hard gay, 2007 was the ffxi corsair and 2008 was ranka. let's hope i dont get any ideas tonight lol. then again allen doesn't have a costume (bowed out of cosplay for comiket), but if i force one on him... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...


nah, i know better than to do that. it'd be a formula for no fun at all. maybe i'll use my unspent sewing energy on making some PJs or an apron or something. also, when my buddy gets back from his vacation, maybe i'll get to help him throw together his Justin Law costume last minute haha.

i cleaned up my apt from all the sewing debris last night too. always a refreshing feeling! i think i might do a more thorough cleansweep today too after the wig styling. allen is coming on saturday and i'm hosting a going-back-home buddy on friday too so might as well wipe the windows or something haha.

oh and harmonica-ing is so relaxing haha. i was muddling though some etudes last night in bed with the lights out. i felt like a train stowaway or something haha. i managed to play most of the xenogears ending theme, Small Two of Pieces (or rather the music box variant, Distant Promise), got better at You Are My Sunshine, and i found myself sticking the chords to that wedding theme - forgot the title of that melody... i think i'll go look up the notes to some folk/ country/ western stuff like Home on the Range, Oh Susanna, etc. something that sounds dope on the harmonica hehe.

hmm what else... been streaming live 105 for the past... well, since i've started working on cosplay haha. loveline is hilarious - it always is. and being able to feel connected to The Bay, even just a little, feels great.

the weather has been quite forgiving as of late. rain falls off and on every day, and it's cloudy most of the time, which means the blazing sun doesn't beat down on me. i'm still getting a little tanned tho. not like it's a bad thing, but the people here are so concerned about keeping a light skin tone, i can't help but notice my gradual browning lol. even last night in the shower i noticed a feathered trucker tan on my arm and was like, 'curses.' i'd wear more sleeveless, except i don't want to feel like a ho at school. it's amazing how self-sonscious i've become haha. i never wear above-the-knee anything, nor do i wear sleeveless at school. even though other women are more liberal about it too haha. i've conformed. /sob

one of the student run organizations at school gave like 100 liters of O~i Ocha to the staff so i'm drinking that up constantly haha. gotta take advantage!

oh i got some new copic colors the other day just because. test art can be seen on my devArt page ^^ i think i'm finally beginning to enjoy using real media color in my art too, which is quite a milestone for me. i am however, missing openCanvas. it's been a while since i've cranked out any serious colored art with that program. hopefully something will inspire me.

i think i'll go to Lashinbang in half an hour to see if they have the comiket bible/ phone book/ tome of lore yet. but i hope it doesn't rain on me. \cross fingers

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