Saturday, July 11, 2009

yay medusa wig just got here~ and black star is waiting at the post office for me to pick up~

did some research at my local fabric store yesterday and it seems i dont need to go to any other exotic craft stores for any materials =D

i just need to make medusa's twin snakes light enough so theyl be able to bounce around instead of flop so much or drag the rest of the costume down... i think i'm going to velcro! still gotta think on what to do about her pumpkin shortPants hehehe

black star is pretty straightforward lol. my goal is july 30th for both costumes. ambitious? perhaps. have i toiled on a tighter schedule before? definitely.

anyway i ranked up to wings IIII the other day, regained a little xp buffer (back up to over the 10k mark again), and sold a bunch of lowbee war and whm and other random gear.

korea is from 19-22 this month. yay for shopping, grilled meat, the DMZ and pickles~

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Allen said...

Hello there Thi. I hope you have a great trip.