Friday, February 5, 2010

so i finished The Mists of Avalon today. it was deeply enjoyable, though i thought Lady of the Forest was more to my liking. the mists of avalon felt like it would have made a tight manga series though, because the passage of time was so laid out in detail. there was rarely any fast-forwarding, and when it did happen, it only leaped 1-3 years into the future, and considering that you read nearly 100 years of time, i think it was super cool. so much content!

now i can go back to zelda and brave story!

oh, our winter journey to hokkaido begins tomorrow!
... but before i come back and flood my blog with true wintry pictures of a snow-covered world, check out more local snapshots of one of the three friends of winter:

and i could have sworn it felt warmer outside today as well!

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Allen said...

I'm glad you liked the book.

Got to love those three friends of winter hohoho