Thursday, February 25, 2010

i've been on an artwork rampage as of late. it's because it's test time and i have nothing better to do at my desk i guess... my section of the exam is always scheduled on the last day of testing so i always have a whole week of waiting. that's not including the whole week of deadness leading up to the exam, too - it's the last week of buffer time that teachers use to finish up their lessons for classes who might be behind or to have the caught-up classes study some more. they never give me any of that time to be with the kids for fun, games or relaxation so i sit at my desk trying to convince myself i have some sort of great purpose lol.

oh, also i have completed my Hershey's kisses roses for my seniors in english club and the international understanding class! i think i posted a picture of what they look like around 2 years ago - roses for some special seniors i was training, but last year i didnt make any cause they didnt schedule me to come to my base school's graduation >_> anyway behold the 2010 bunch!

it'll be the last japanese high school graduation for me, so i hope the kiddies will like em!

i'm convinced spring is here. though all the teachers seem to believe it's still dead winter or something. here was the situation: it was warm enough before and after school on my bike wearing a short sleeve polo shirt. the staff room is always kept a toasty 25 degrees (which was a few notches warmer than it was outside) year-round, right... teachers come up to be making the --brr im so freaking cold gesture-- pointing to my bare forearms. i then point at the thermometer and then point out the window towards the sunny blue-sky day and say, "it's WARM today." then theyre like, "but, it's still winter!" then im like, "but it's 18 degrees outside lol" then they walk away mumbling something about the characteristics of 'young people.'

makes me want to break something lol. if it's warm you wear warm-weather clothes... because you don't want to get hot. i think the concept is pretty simple.

this goes back to the on-going uniform argument i have against schools. on a hot winter day, theyre not allowed to wear their cooler uniform, and on a cold summer day theyre not allowed to wear their warmer uniform. isnt that kind of... not good at all? then whyyyyyyyyy?!~

"because in summer, they must wear their summer uniform, and in winter they must wear their winter uniform. it is the rules and part of japanese culture." <---- REAL answer i have been given btw

ok i need to stop hating on the jp system lol

anyway brave story is most excellent. i got to the part where the demon world is unlocked and you get to fly around on a dragon so ive been collecting treasures! i think i'll get back to that now... while drinking my grape drink made from 20% fruit juice (i got it because it was a new brand on sale - fortified with Ca and vitamin C too lol).

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Allen said...

My mom has been gorging me on food lately. I'm probably getting all the Vitamin C I need and then some.