Saturday, May 1, 2010

shopping spree!

i spent very literally the whole day biking around enjoying yet another saturday off. (no practice again because the other members have been super busy with life ;_;)

anyway i convinced myself that i was shopping for the izu vacation in 2 days ^^ the boring stuffs i got for myself: a floofy floral skirt, comfy foam shoes, a radical t-shirt, a pair of gold-toned earrings, and a whole lot of crane game prizes >__>

also, my VN kid's 7th bday is coming up and he asked me for a beyblade set!

i was like, 'man, you got it.' cause beyblade is pretty fun lol. at one of my high school's cultural festivals last fall, one class' theme was 'kiddie toys' like kendama, ringtoss, some other traditional stuff, and BEYBLADE! there was one kid in the class who was like the beyblade champion. he had been beyblading since the phonomenon came out (some 8 or so years ago) and owns like 50 of these beyblades. he has this extreme performance-enhancing glove and everything lol.

anyway, i hope he'll be happy with P_Serpent_SW145SD and B_Phoenix_135MS.

i've decided that i shall spoil him with more beyblades if he asks me for more lol. there are only a few more weekends left until i have to part with him forever! ;_; blah i shouldnt think about it so much just yet XD

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ジャスティン said...

You should give him like 5 beyblades on your last day with him and watch him explode with utter joy. Then you can make a promise with him: "I will train for 2 years... waiting for the day... the day to challenge you [VN kid]. Remember and train every waking moment of your life!" =D