Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i noticed today that for the amount of ffxi stuff i talk about in this blog, there are so little (if any...?) screenshots of the game at all here lol. for those of you who do not know, i started playing ffxi a few days after halloween day in 2003; about 2 months into my freshman year at university... and i've been playing ever since! i posted a good handful of screenies on my old xanga during my undergrad days, but i thought id might as well lay down some here too. i'll try not to be too jargony or explain too much about the game itself, and focus more on actual memories, thoughts, feelings, etc.

dead. or "knocked out" rather. the fellow in the back is casting a spell to raise me. there's not much you can do while you're incapacitated besides the /tell command and pan your camera around, so this is the state in which i usually take the most screenshots. i took this one a few days ago on accident. i was wiping my keyboard and accidentally hot-keyed into the step before you actually take the screenshot, so i was like, 'meh might as well, it's been a while' and snapped one.
april 17th, 2010

this is me leveling my dancer job. i was fighting solo and the mob i was up against made me fear for my life for the first time in a long time, so i thought it picture-worthy ^^
december 19th, 2009

i saw this big fella and thought to myself, "i wonder how long id last against this..." i didnt die in a shamefully short amount of time or anything, but as soon as i messed up, it was all over super fast lol.
february 23rd, 2009

it's a firework in my hand, and that's how i look like with no armor on.
august 28th, 2008

Carmine Rose. my second chocobo that i raised from an egg ^^
april 27th, 2008

oh, Jalis. me and him go back real far lol. he sauntered up for a chat, but spent more time on chatting than on looking out for enemies lol.
december 15th, 2007

oh, Arolek. another interesting character. some kind of red thread of fate seems to tie us together. the very first time we met in real life, we just so happened to park next to one another in a sea of cars in an amusement park parking lot lol.
october 6th 2007

this is when i passed the 'final exam' so to speak of my thief job class. (being a thief means you should be able to steal right? so that's what i did to pass lol). this was the day i had my first alcoholic beverage. to be more exact, this was the first time i ever felt like i needed to celebrate something with the use of alcohol. yes, i drank to my character's success in an online game lol.
april 16th, 2006

oh, Azallie. i have nothing but good memories with this dude! on this particular day he was like, "come! /insert lyrics to A Whole New World here >>" and then for the next several hours i experienced quite possibly the best virtual date ive ever had in my life lol. (and yes, you can still hold me to otakon; it will sooo happen!)
march 5th, 2006

this is the day i created my second character (for the sole purpose of using her inventory space). ffxi people affectionately call characters created for this purpose, 'mules.'
july 15th, 2005

ah, Zenair. the character of my then-bf. MMORPGing with a significant other is kind of a fun+funny situation lol. we went to the same university so there was no distance hardship or anything, but some times it was just like, "hmm, we could have dinner and hang out tonight, but there's a so-and-so quest/ event going on, so... uhh... let's just ffxi!" (about the picture and in-game text: on chocobo it's possible to 'follow' another character on auto-pilot, so i would always have Zenair "drive" for me because im pretty sucky with maps and directions lol)
december 17th, 2005

the classic "airship trick" where you can run off the side of the airship. believe me, it was way cooler back in the day lol.
july 24th, 2004

the first ffxi screenshot i've ever taken (or bothered to save). this was our very first time on an airship. Bakudannar is my brother. we still play every (Japan time) Sunday afternoon.
february 17th, 2004


Stephen said...

Lol didn't know about the alcohol to celebrate the thief thing. Nerd :-D.

I should have screen shot that one time I was talking to Arolek and made things really awkward for you guys hahaha. 運命だ!

neoPootling said...

you should know, we drank together lol.

neoPootling said...
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Bakudannar said...

Man those were good times lol