Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i have nothing to write and everything to write about these pix lol

a teacher buddy and i baked these suckers! the decal cardboard square thingy says "ABC Cooking Studio" and that's where we signed up for this "learn how to make cake... and eat it too!... for free!" campaign - promo to recruit new members haha.

about a month ago, a bunch of the lady teachers went to this fatty JP wooden mansion which felt like a restaurant/bed+breakfast/ museum/ tea ceremony hall/ dojo... anyway i was fed the best japanese curry like EVER there that they called simply 'yaki curry.' it was meaty (beef) and cheesy and had some kind of tex-mex bean chili essence to it or something, but they oven-baked the whole stone bowl/ dish thing with the curry and rice together so you kind of had this bibimbap action going, too.

just a few hours ago the VN family gave me some boar meat to cook up lol. i asked "where did you get this? lol" and the mother was like, "uh... maybe... my brother..." and then she made a gesture of shooting a rifle followed by the shush be quiet gesture LOL

anyway, despite the number of food pictures im putting up, i am indeed getting back to my normal ratios hehe

other than that, i've been in a drawing/ artist's block for the past several weeks :/
every time i try to draw stuff at school my sweaty paws always warps the paper and i get frustrated... this is usually when i turn to oekaki lol


Bakudannar said...

lol illegal poaching for the win haha

neoPootling said...


ジャスティン said...


And you know, the cig smoking Mr. Clean frightens me a little... =/

Allen said...

The food looks really tasty.