Sunday, June 6, 2010

man, feels good to have ME time again.

june will be my last month at the gym (canceled membership the other day), july will be a flurry of filming, and aug will be okinawa + hong kong + comiket!

so i wont be having this ME time for that much longer i guess :/

i'm such a recluse lol.

next weekend i'm playing at a fundraising/ benefit show and whatever moneys the event gets will go towards aid for Haiti. the JETs in our prefecture organized this some time back, and this thing is finally going down... finally! i'm playing Eyes On Me (duet with a buddy on guitar). i dont really want to play anything else >_> cause it'll sound pretty lame with just me and all... it makes me sad because if i had my sax i could play some cool stuff... alas...


i just got the best idea

like seriously

i just thought of it right this moment

i shall write a poem!

and interject some jazzy bars between stanzas!

oh snaps the idea is so perfect in me head. i'll tell this awesome ballad/ story and it'll be wonderful.


omg just kidding worst idea ever lol

i'll play eyes on me, the boat song from lunar, lena on the beach from chrono cross then i'll be done lol

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