Monday, June 21, 2010

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dude Lady Gaga is awesome lol

i came across this cnn article about how she posed for june's rolling stone cover, talked about her latest music + album release etc. and i found myself thinking, "yay! you do your thing, lady gaga!"

everytime i read something online about her, or watch a youtube video there are always so many haters out there saying all this ridiculous hogwash about her. like i cant believe some people are still going on and on about her being a man lol. then there are others who are like "meh she's just another britney spears" and it's like OMG she is nothing like britney! what else... that she can't sing - seriously? lol. when she sang + piano-ed poker face live on ellen, i dont think anyone could have questioned her singing talent. and countless other stuff on top of that, like she's 'copying' madonna. but look, they're both young (serval years back in madonn's case haha), successful, influential american females, they're in the same music genre, they're both blonde by choice, they're both rebels - so they have a lot in common, but i wouldnt go so far as to say lady gaga is a madonna clone. that would be like saying the playstation design is a 'copy' of the NES. (not sure if that was a good example, but it was the first thing that popped into my head lol).

anyway, people are just bothered because theyd never dare to do the stuff she does, which of course those people then might say, "well i would never want to be like her anyway! as a matter of fact id rather burn in hell than be like her!" and it's just like, "dude, then stop complaining. stop reading about her and watching her videos and listening to her music." they're just upset that she's so captivating fufufu.

now i wouldnt consider myself a super lady gaga die hard fan or anything, but i sincerely think she's pretty cool and her music is quite catchy.

so if she wants to cosplay whatever junk then come on, it's america - if she's not hurting anyone then it's all good. (which of course people would then argue that she is very much hurting people like tweens who might look up to her and try to be like her etc. but it's like... well, there are far worse influences out there than lady gaga... if anything, she's creating such a lesson like "kids, if you ever dare to go agaisnt the grain at all; if you dare to be gay, or dress loudly, or express youself in any inconventional way, then there are always gonna be people out there who will hate you just cause you're different. so be normal, or else."

and then there's justin bieber lol

i have nothing agaisnt that kid, man. he's just a clean-looking boy who wanted to sing. and his songs arent like throw-up material either. but then you got so many people hating on him as well. and it's always something like, "GAYYYYYY!!!!!" and it's like, dude this boy is still in high school lol. give him a break. what were YOU like when you were in high school? sheesh, dont be jealous lol. and famous, young, black artists think he's so cool they write songs with him, and his videos have multicultural people in them! what better role model could kids have? haha.

all in all, people should at least appreciate artists like lady gaga and justin bieber because at least the rest of us 庶民 can have something interesting to look at and talk about in our lives, whether the opinion is good or bad. and for families who really do not like these people, wouldnt they at least provide a prime example for their kids NOT to be? so everyone wins!

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