Tuesday, March 18, 2008

... because japan is the only place people can seriously throw a penis festival... many of them actually... all throughout the nation lol.

Penis Festival 2008

i joined the local fitness center today. when i say local i really mean local too - it's right next door! i got taken on a tour and boy is the facility nice. it's no wooden center, but this is cramped-for-space japan after all. they have an aromatherapy room o_0! i start on april 1st and i cant wait to use their pool =D theyve got this awesome thing they put in the water that eliminates stinky pool smell and is easy on your hair at the same time. it's from the future - it really is.

tonight we dine on egg patty.

and the jeweled egg is all i need from the egg event except vowels sure arent coming my way :/

i drank 1000mL of whole milk yesterday (not in one sitting).

last day of school is tomorrow.

clean apt feel is always awesome. and smaller apt size means a full clean only takes 30 minutes =D which is an even better feeling.

i got some new at-work bottoms for the new school year coming up and boy are they great. i actually dont feel fat when i wear them.

spring is in full swing! oh how i celebrate how i can wear light jackets and sweaters on bike outside now. /rotate back in summer clothing. i also think i can put away one of the heavy blankets now!

man, what everyone says about japan having four seasons is totally true. no wonder talking about the weather is such a hot conversation topic here haha - of course ive already mentioned this before last season haha


Stephen said...

Seriously we experience season back in California.

Man poor penises on a stick. It makes me sad to see them in such a state.

Thanh said...

Wang festival lol

The giant phallus sticking out of the shinto mini-shrine was awesome lol. Is this inspire JPs to make babies? lol