Monday, March 10, 2008

*EDIT* i'm leaving the previous test post up for contrast

testing one two three. so traditionally i like to type blog stuff in word and then copy over to blogger. but with picasa there's this weird color and format issues that come up with the text, so i'm typing everything in again... i'm sure when i figure out picasa and exploit its advantages of google unity, it'll be pretty good to be, but until then i'll be muddling around for a bit still.

behold! white day cookies that a cute 1st year girl gave me in return for the chocolate i gave out on valentine's day. they were crunchy and tasty and i made with love i'm sure. she spelled out my name on ittttttt - it was so awesome. the cookies within the bag were shaped into a heart, flower and other hehe. each cookie was decorated with pink chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate chocolate decal things. i was moved. i wish picasa had good old spell check built into it... i'm blazing though typos at the moment and i'm actually having to proofread and stuff and even after proofreading i'm sure i'm going to let a bunch of random spelling kinks slide through... right after this i think i'm going to farm some more cockatrice and then campaign a bit before i zzz.
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Stephen said...

I thought you could just do your post the usual way and then picasa some pictures in at the end?

Thanh said...

aisai no tsukutta cookie bwahahaha

Stephen said...

Or you could just put your pictures in a picasa album and use the picture url in your blog post when you type it up normally. For a good example see:

P.S. I have a blog now. :-D