Friday, March 7, 2008

dude johnny's jr. totally blows. japan does not need to borrow any cultural influence from VN Paris by Night haHA.

oh SNAP. this monk is no limit. monk dude who adopts kids and saves them and shows them some tough ass love omg. there was this one girl he adopted 15 years old - like he was doing a buddhist lecture and brought his girl there but the girl was on her phone so he took her phone away, but afterwards she started to chat so he came over there and was like, "are you thinking what youre doing?!" and when she didnt look at him he threw his microphone and broke it on the chair next to her. then he slapped her like 4 times HARD across the FACE. then it cut to the dinner after scene where all the adopted kids are at dinner chatting at the table with monk daddy. then it cut to another scene where the girl was like, "i was so glad he did it." and it went on to explain how her real parents never did any real parent stuff or paid attention to her.

today i got gifted some tasty fresh cake thing from cooking class and it came in that stiff aluminum cup thing and when i raised it to my mouth i got a small cut right below my lip line which stings a bit when i move my mouth. i've medicated it and all but ...yea it sucks. you cant see it or anything, you can just feel the place where the skin is broken.

oh SNAP. they showed a girl who just cut up her wrists on JP television omg what the heck. they zoomed into her bloody gashes too what the heck. man i gotta stop watching this. bath time.

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