Thursday, March 6, 2008

meeting thing was today. usually i dont ever feel like i should prove to anyone like who i am or anything, but today other person wanted to do bar stuff with the other peoples just because it had been a long time so i said oh fine and we went to that foreigner bar that i dont like so much. we spent the whole night there... it was interesting. it wasnt bad but it wasnt super either. people seem to think i shun alcohol too lol. i guess that's the kind of person they assume me to be. anyway, i got a nice bacon cheeseburger with fries, cookies and cream milkshake. then we had a mango juice towards the end and went back home. all in all people seemed glad that the people up in our sector of the prefecture came to the bar. got to talk to people ive never talked with before. given theyre like hardcore drinkers and smokers but whatever. i guess it had been like 3 months or something since ive gone to that place. i dont regret going.

last day at spicy chicken school tomorrow.

going to a popular penis festival in the area. it's supposed to have serious sacred meanings and stuff but... come on, it's a penis festival.

end of academic year is coming up!

jp springtime is almost here!

i can now ride to school without gloves on!

gonna bathe the casino-esque cigarette smoke and grime from my body now.

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