Wednesday, June 24, 2009

been watching shangri-la for the past 2 days or so

the only reason why i kinda ran into it is because when i was browsing though music on youtube related to may'n, i found the into to this shangri-la (may'n sings it). so i watched the first 1/3 of the first ep and id have to say it's pretty alright. it illustrates an interesting not-so-distant future where the earth is globally warmed. heavy on the poliSci, econ and transvestites lol. they develop the main character all over the place which gets confusing sometimes trying to understand her real personality, but it's tolerable.

anyway, the rainy season is just about here. i got pretty soaked biking to school in the rain this morning. i had on a hat and raincoat and everything too, haha. and the humidity is killer. so dirty-feeling, ugh...

i need 4 silk threads.

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