Sunday, June 7, 2009

so ive kinda slipped back into the habit of recreational shopping, particularly online shopping. it seems like summer just brings out the shopper in me. part of the joy is in waiting for something to come to me in the mail. then there's the actual opening your packages and stuff haha. other than cheap korean clothing distro-ed from hong kong, and stuff from ae, i also got a new camera. at first i was gonna get one at eiden, but the staff there pisses me off to no end. theyre so freaking sexist, it's just ridiculous. theyre opening line EVERY time i go there is, "hey there miss, these cameras look sooo cute~ dont they? is this your first time seeing a model like this? this one in particular is popular with the women. see? it comes in all sorts of fun colors" now i appreciate their work ethic, and i know it's all part of their training and all, but damn, i just wanna bash their heads in. they even profile me to the T lol. i love pick gadgets! it's just so wrong when they actually do it tho lol. never fail to draw their attention when i cruise around in there. maybe lone young female sends off red sirens in the back to dispatch the sales representatives: "we got a code 7419 here in the digital photography section. send in tanaka-kun, fast." i just want them to leave me alone ;_; i wanna indulge in technology in solitude. i dont want anyone talking to me, trying to get me to buy XYZ. if i have a question i'll ask. im not like your kind, after all.

anyway the camera thing i got is from this CA based company called SVP - silicon valley peripherals. i swear when i first saw the brand name and the price i would have bet everything it was some 3rd party brand from china. anyway i got the T-100 model with a 2g mem card thrown in there too for well under 200 bucks including shipping to japan. if youre interested, just google it... not willing to write down all the specs lol. anyway it's well beyond great for my purposes. im not a photographer and i dont wanna shoot crazy full length features, so it's a-ok for me. i can pretty much compare it with an extremely souped-up camera phone. maybe before i leave japan next year, ill get something... serious.

time for japanese spaghetti. nori here i come.


Thanh said...

lol it captures 720p, but it only has a standard definition viewfinder? 2GB is good for maybe 1hr of footage at that resolution.

neoPootling said...

test vids came out pretty good lol
and its not like ill ever go a whole hour of filming without a data dump