Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ugh... had really bratty class 6th period. the boys were fine. it was just two groups of like four girls that got to me. now im a pretty patient person... so i just repeated myself over and over again in a normal but loud-ish volume so they could hear me. the boys tuned in after only like 3 repeats. the girls on the other hand took maybe 20 times before they shut up and listened. gosh DARN what the heck is up with that?! not just once either, maybe 3 times in a 25 minute time span i had to just keep on repeating myself till they were quiet enough so i could give instructions. you just wanna... shake em! lol. i swear im gonna get deported lol. my teacher buddy has had trouble with the girls in that class since the beginning of the year, too. first, she would give then the "shh" sign. then she would go over and tell them to be quiet nicely. then she would directly address them and tell them explicitly non-sugar-coated. so teacher buddy was like, "yeah when i tell them to be quiet nowadays they just kinda glare at me all angry and stuff, and then theyll turn around again and finish talking to each other." i was like, 'dude, how do they have any right to be angry when it's them not listening to directions and being total bitches?' then i went into this long-winded rant about how the kids here are so socially f-ed up cause their parents dont know how to raise em right and schools dont train em for the real world worth shit either, lol. i mean, i dont got any kids of my own or anything, but if mommy and daddy gots enough money to get their kid f-ing louis vuitton wallets, then they should have no problem hooking their kids up with some manners or common sense or something, man...

they probably were never beaten as kids, that's probably what the problem is lol.

so yeah, lately ive been pretty hateful towards 'the system' lol. but i feel like 2 years firsthand exp is enough to be able to judge and lay it all down. im just telling things how they honestly are on a global scale. kids their age in west africa are all trying to raise their own kids, washing their rags for laundry in dirty ass puddles and shit... and here they are, fortunate enough to have (had rich enough parents to send them to the best cram schools to prepare them for their high school exams so they could pass into) the second best high school in the region as their alma mater, with all these awesome teachers trying to do them a favor and theyre totally blowing it. they care more about the oh-please-shoot-me-in-the-head-now manzai comedy nonsense going on in jp pop culture now than anything else.

on the other hand, other students' meekness pisses me off to no end. the other day the art club girls wanted to take a picture of me and they were hovering around my desk for like 20 minutes waiting for another eng teacher to come so they could 'translate' LOL. they were whispering things like "oh god, no i cant," "no no you go ask," "no you go ask" "i dont wanna, let's just skip her (broke my heart, lol)" all the while im just sitting there going through student compositions.

so my teacher buddy showed up and was like, "you should go talk with her" and they were like "i dont know what to say" and she was like, "say 'can i take a picture of you?'" and they were like "OHHHH YEAH! THAT'S how you say it!" and im all /palmface at my desk. then there was chatter about when to do it or who to do it and since it was go-home time, i started packing up as to give them some motivation. then they started to get antsy but still no brave souls. so i walked out the door past them saying "bye" and they were all "oh oh oh ! -" and a girl pushed another girl forward to me (who had this deer in headlights look on her face). then i was like, "what?..."


"k guys bye. see you on wednesday."

then finally a girl blurts out "picture!" then a wave of giggles.

then my teacher buddy kinda like /palmface on the sidelines comes up to me and says "so these girls want to take a picture of you" and i was all, "yeah i know lol, these cowards have kinda been chirping away behind me for like the past half hour it seems" and she was like, "oh, so... is it ok?" and i was like, "yeah, sure, whatever"

so i approach the bevy and take to opportunity to make them feel as flustered, awkward, and embarrassed as i can mwahaha. i start grilling them with questions and particulars about their project, its motivations, and other such details. if i was in a better mood, i would have just made a nice pose and been off on my way. but i kinda wanted them to hate me, america, english and all foreign people in general forever for some reason lol. i feel like if they think -I- in some way am gross or scary or intimidating, theyre totally gonna piss their pants when they see anglo people of the male type should they ever dare breach the borders of their own sheltered country and mind. i mean come on. i look asian, im female and im 5'2"! i have good teeth lol, there's nothing ferocious about me at all lol... there are dolls and stuffed animals on my desk for god's sake... i'm clean... i dont smell funny (i can provide testimonials)! i even have a strong command of the japanese language.

so WHY is the English factor so terrifying?

some teachers side with these loser students and say, "well uh, it's because they're afraid of making mistakes that's all..." but come on. what if someone said they're afraid of eating because they dont want to get their mouth dirty? youd wanna slap em, right?


/rant over for now

on the brighter side of this, the entries for the fan art contest for ffxi's 7th anniversary were soooo gooood this year ^-^
i think next year if ffxi is still around (with ffxIV coming up and all) ill go for something colorful and cute hehe


Thanh said...

word lol

Stephen said...

Man it sounds like it's really getting to you. I'm surprised it's taken this long. I had enough already after one year, but I guess I have a low tolerance for people that half ass stuff like their studies. Just remember that at least it's a job and it's free money right? It's a better situation than most me and my buddies over here. Even the ones that stayed in school and got a Masters are having just as hard a time. It's not like I really need money for anything at this point except plane tickets to Japan, but still, I don't want to feel like I'm wasting my college education.

Allen said...

yes, what to do about these super sheltered children