Saturday, June 27, 2009

went to see the second eva movie today. so organic, lol. there was even a xamd scene ohoho. oh, before going into our screening there was this dude totally going seizure-riffic like in the popcorn line. the staff supported his head until it passed, then after the seizing stopped he kinda went ballistic like not in his right mind, screaming and flailing all over the place so more staffers tried to hold him down without hurting him, and like this dude was digging his fingernails into the staffers' wrists and stuff. mad props to them just trying to grit their teeth and bear it. seizure dude was kinda chilling on the floor in a daze with the staffers holding him and trying to comfort him and stuff... then maybe 7 minutes later the paramedics came with a gurney. but when they attached the oxygen monitor thing on his finger and tried to lift him into the gurney seizure dude totally went all nuts again - honestly it was a really sloppy lift. i think the theater staff could have done a better job lol. anyway when he got close to one of the theater people in line, this mid 40s dude with a beer belly, beer belly man put him in an armlock and judo threw him to the ground lol. it was pretty hardcore, but then the paramedics and staff kinda got him in this massive group bear hug and told him to calm down and that he needed to go to the hospital. it was time for our movie, so the last thing we saw before going in was the paramedics escorting seizure dude into the elevators with his arms over their shoulders - like how 2 people would walk an injured soccer player off the field.

but yeah poor guy. he seemed to have come to watch eva alone or something because no civilian was by his side or anything before during and after his episode. when he gets back to his senses hes gonna be pissed off that he bought his ticket without having seeing the film. either that or he'll suddenly wake up in his hospital bed all disoriented and be like, "dude that was the trippiest movie ever!"

practice is getting gross cause of the humidity... ugh and it's not even july yet ;_; people were slipping and sliding all over the place haha. it was grand.

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Allen said...

See! Beer bellies can't be THAT bad!