Monday, March 1, 2010

so graduation was today. nothing but good times. i didnt expect myself to be all emotional, and i was able to keep pretty calm until i went to my international class to see them accept their diplomas (in japan, at least at my high school, they get their diplomas handed to them by their homeroom teachers one by one in their classrooms rather than up on the stage in front of everyone like we do in america) and make a short speech. when the homeroom teacher gave them their diplomas i handed out my chocolate flowers =D so it was super perfect. i was thinking in my mind i would have had to rush into the class during the chaotic aftermath of the graduation ceremony and throw them at whoever i saw in the room (a lot of the other classes had already scattered to go have their yearbooks signed by various other friends/ teachers and to take pictures etc. so i didnt know if i would have had a chance to get them all together and stuff... but yes! it all worked out great!

oh, those kiddies are marvelous!

this graduating class totally embodies my whole JET program experience. they're the first and only kids of my own that ive taught from 1st through 3rd year that i'll ever see graduate so, yeah... they'll forever be MY kids. and as cheesy as saying "i'll never forget them" sounds, (being that i remember stuff pretty well in any case lol) i really will not ever forget them.

we also had some miracle-making today in regard to the weather! there was 80% chance rain predicted all day today and yet all we had were californian blue skies + sunshine along with some faint wispy clouds. maybe around 200pm the clouds started to roll in a bit, but even now at 500pm with the entire sky gray, not a single drop has fallen yet! someone must have made a high-level teruterubozu or something lol.


ジャスティン said...

Yay! As I was telling someone today, I feel complete now that graduation has happened. I am ready as ever to go back to the states.

I saw the picture of your sweet delights from the previous post. Looking gorgeously tasty! =)

Go good weather for most, if not all, of the graduations happening in the good ol' pref of love and knowledge!

neoPootling said...

yeah, they had a good time making all kinds of ridiculous poses with them hehe. i was glad to see them brandished so enthusiastically lol.

ジャスティン said...

YUUKI! I'm using all my heart and praying for him. Come on uni!

And yea... poses are great. I wish more people weren't always "victorious" or showing their wishes for peace. Instead, ridiculous poses for the win!