Saturday, April 24, 2010

ok, super abridged post!

mini gasshuku in gotenba was most excellent!

we're going to izu for golden week.

freshman students this year have nothing but good things/ skills/ attitudes to show me.

i cut my hair again and the age guessing got blasted down all the way into late teens lol. i guess bangs really are the secret to the whole age-defying thing haha.

and now for random pictures:

i came upon these flowers while wandering around the local hospital's mini garden (i take the bus home from the hospital, which is next to one of my schools). they stood out so vibrantly against the dark green, brown and gray... anyway, my initial reaction was, "wow! those are some great-looking orchids!" so i walked through the shrubs to take pictures of them. since im not a botanist or anything, i dont know for sure if theyre really orchids or not... there are like hundreds of orchid breeds out there too, so i'll be safe and just call them 'flowers' haha. they were growing only in the shady areas underneath trees, like in a perfect ring around like 5 trees.

(this is without effing with the colors like i did in the above 2 pictures).

here's a particularly ferocious-looking staff room dust bunny that tumbled by my desk. the windows were all open because it was a nice day, but all the dust from under all the desks were blowing about and... well, just look at it haha. there were legions of bunnies like this all over the place!

...and it's still cold and rainy here lol. (it was like 8 degrees in gotenba brr!)

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