Thursday, April 15, 2010

on the left is the oreo-inspired cookie i found at the 100yen store some weeks ago. as you can see, the colors and layout of the packaging, as well as the actual cookie composition and shape are totally mined from the real joe nabisco snack on the right.

aha! here we have some sub-packaging deviation!

the cream-o is a few millimeters smaller than the oreo in diameter, and the brand name in the center reads "jack'n jill."

in terms of taste, the cream-o is noticeably less sweet (both the cookie part and the white stuff). the cookie part is a lot like a British digestive biscuit, having this coarse grit to it. the cream-o white stuff has very nearly the same consistency as the oreo white stuff (i would say oreo's is slightly more creamy though), and is a tad yellower in color. oreo's white stuff is like this super bleached white! also, the oreo definitely absorbs milk faster than the cream-o...

lol totally ate like 5 cookies each just now. but! it's only around 830pm now, so i can justify it as a legit dessert!

and now for something completely different, i got a new lunch box set unit thing!

the design looked pretty spiffy, and i'm a big sucker for cool stuff that comes in some hue of pink so... yeah, it called to me and i answered.

you can take the 2nd and 3rd level out and substitute conbini-sized onigiris, a load of mikans, bananas in the 69 position or what have you. today my configuration was: 1st level, shrimp shumai, and level 2 and 3 were fitted with 2 onigiris. oh, and i had room to stuff a stick of string cheese beside the 2 onigiris, too~

here's what it's like all turtled up, masquerading as a piece of computer hardware or external HD or something. anyway, it'll be like, armor for sandwiches and stuff.


i was reflecting (again) about random stuff related to japan... actually, it was quite honestly closer to a kind of meditative state i was in... but in any case i think i'm in a better and/or more positive mental state now than i was earlier this season.

so it's all gravy for now.


ジャスティン said...

Oooo! I remember seeing the cream-o's somewhere. The pictures really made me want some oreos badly. This sucky weather we're having right now does not help me to deter from the cream sandwiches of enormous delicious proportions... maybe not so much enormous; we are in Japan after all. =P

Anyway, your HDD lunchbox is so cool! Compartments make anything cool. Remember the fun pencil box that's like Batman's utility belt with a billion compartments--handy for any occasion?? =)

neoPootling said...

yeah man, my VN kid always has to have his new pokemon pencil case thing with a million compartments in it by his side when we do lessons (even though we rarely write lol)